Sunday 19 November 2023

What to buy a pole dancer for Christmas


What’s on your Christmas Present list ? 

(Pass on to your loved ones !!) 😘

🎁 Unveiling the Perfect Presents for Passionate Pole Dancers 🎁

Are you seeking the ideal gifts for that special pole dancer in your life? Look no further! Whether they're a beginner or a seasoned pro, here's a curated list of gifts guaranteed to light up their dance world and keep them spinning with joy!

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1. **Pole-Dance Shorts:** Enhance their performance and comfort with specialised pole dance shorts. Designed to provide flexibility, grip, and confidence during intricate maneuvers, these shorts are a must-have in any pole dancer's wardrobe.

2. **Grip Aid:** Grip is key in pole dancing! Consider gifting specialised grip aids like Dew point pole grip, dry hands, or Mighty Grip to help them maintain a secure grip while executing challenging moves, ensuring their performance remains smooth and effortless.

3. **Pole Lessons:** Elevate their skills with in-person or virtual pole lessons!for group or 121 tailored sessions that cater to their level, helping them refine techniques, build strength, and master new moves.

Prices start as low as £10 for group sessions ! 

Text Kay on 07753585054 for a gift voucher 

4. **Online Lesson Subscriptions:** For the pole enthusiast who loves convenience, an online lesson subscription is a fantastic gift! Choose the Pole Passion platform offering a variety of instructional videos, catering to different levels and styles, allowing them to learn and practice at their own pace.

USE THE DISCOUNT CODE : KAY5LD for further discounts online! 

5. **Energy Bars & Snacks:** Fuel their passion with nutritious energy bars or snacks! Pole dancing demands physical endurance, and these snacks provide the needed boost to keep their energy levels up during rigorous practice sessions.

6. **Massage Sessions:** Treat them to a relaxing massage session! Pole dancing can be physically demanding, and a rejuvenating massage will help ease muscle tension, reduce soreness, and ensure they stay in top form for their next dazzling performance.

Prices start at £25 for. 30 minute back neck and shoulder massage 

7. ** Budapest Pole Camp 2024**

5 days in Budapest with like minded ladies training to their next level 

Just £675GBP for accommodation and all 20 hrs worth of lessons 

Just organise your flights and you’re there let us organise the rest

Contact Kay on what’s app 

07753585054 for a voucher and or more information 

 πŸŽ„ This holiday season, make your favourite pole dancer's dreams come true by selecting from this carefully curated list of gifts tailored to ignite their passion and support their journey in the enchanting world of pole dancing.

Remember, the best gifts are those that speak to their dedication and love for pole dancing, nurturing their talent and enhancing their experience every spin of the way! 🌟




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