Sunday 19 November 2023

What to buy a pole dancer for Christmas


What’s on your Christmas Present list ? 

(Pass on to your loved ones !!) 😘

🎁 Unveiling the Perfect Presents for Passionate Pole Dancers 🎁

Are you seeking the ideal gifts for that special pole dancer in your life? Look no further! Whether they're a beginner or a seasoned pro, here's a curated list of gifts guaranteed to light up their dance world and keep them spinning with joy!

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1. **Pole-Dance Shorts:** Enhance their performance and comfort with specialised pole dance shorts. Designed to provide flexibility, grip, and confidence during intricate maneuvers, these shorts are a must-have in any pole dancer's wardrobe.

2. **Grip Aid:** Grip is key in pole dancing! Consider gifting specialised grip aids like Dew point pole grip, dry hands, or Mighty Grip to help them maintain a secure grip while executing challenging moves, ensuring their performance remains smooth and effortless.

3. **Pole Lessons:** Elevate their skills with in-person or virtual pole lessons!for group or 121 tailored sessions that cater to their level, helping them refine techniques, build strength, and master new moves.

Prices start as low as £10 for group sessions ! 

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4. **Online Lesson Subscriptions:** For the pole enthusiast who loves convenience, an online lesson subscription is a fantastic gift! Choose the Pole Passion platform offering a variety of instructional videos, catering to different levels and styles, allowing them to learn and practice at their own pace.

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5. **Energy Bars & Snacks:** Fuel their passion with nutritious energy bars or snacks! Pole dancing demands physical endurance, and these snacks provide the needed boost to keep their energy levels up during rigorous practice sessions.

6. **Massage Sessions:** Treat them to a relaxing massage session! Pole dancing can be physically demanding, and a rejuvenating massage will help ease muscle tension, reduce soreness, and ensure they stay in top form for their next dazzling performance.

Prices start at £25 for. 30 minute back neck and shoulder massage 

7. ** Budapest Pole Camp 2024**

5 days in Budapest with like minded ladies training to their next level 

Just £675GBP for accommodation and all 20 hrs worth of lessons 

Just organise your flights and you’re there let us organise the rest

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07753585054 for a voucher and or more information 

 🎄 This holiday season, make your favourite pole dancer's dreams come true by selecting from this carefully curated list of gifts tailored to ignite their passion and support their journey in the enchanting world of pole dancing.

Remember, the best gifts are those that speak to their dedication and love for pole dancing, nurturing their talent and enhancing their experience every spin of the way! 🌟




Sunday 5 November 2023

Did you know?

 Did you know? -

We have been running annual international pole and aerial camps since 2007

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The Ultimate pole syllabus is now online - discount code KAY5LD

The whole Pole syllabus is now online -

add the discount code in the checkout - KAY5LD

Check out detailed videos

Beginner to super advanced moves

Intermediate Pole Lesson Plan Example, from trainee instructor - Pole Passion Instructor Training 2023


Intermediate Pole Lesson Plan Example from trainee instructor 

Introduction of Instructor to Students

  • Ask everyone how they are
  • Ask if anyone has any injuries, past or present - then explore further (adapt the class if necessary)
  • Go through what I have planned for the lesson
  • Make sure everyone is familiar with the venue and emergency procedures
  • Make sure everyone can be hydrated during the class


  • Light jog, heel kicks, high knees, star jump three times round the room or on the spot
  • Move neck up and down and left and right, whilst walking on the spot
  • Roll shoulders back and then forward x 8
  • Arms out big circles, circles elbows, circle wrists and hands x 8 each way
  • Side bends, torso rotation in a standing position
  • Hip circles, one leg hip circles  x 8 each way
  • Knee circles, ankle circles, point and flex feet x 8 each way
  • Moving Downward dog, heels to floor x 8
  • Triangle legs, lean to the floor to stretch, move up and down in a lunge position, opening the hip flexors

Pole Conditioning

From the Floor

  • 30-second static plank
  • 10 abdominal crunches
  • 10 push-ups (on knees or feet)
  • 10 tricep dips (sitting with arms extended backward)
  • 10 goblet squats (with kettlebell if available)

On the Pole

  • Pole lunges, 8 each side, holding the pole
  • Tucks, 5 each side using the inverted grip
  • Shoulder shrugs from the hang tough
  • Climb pole and down alternating using both legs
  • Leg squats facing and holding the pole, with a straight back
  • Pogo pole, explosive lifts into the air, holding and facing the pole


Pole stand

  • Regression to hang tough
  • Progression to kylie pose

Pole sit

  • Regression, move legs to sit position and back to floor straight away
  • Progression to lean back, using straight arms and staying on the pole for longer

If above are easily achieved progress to T pose of pole stand and pole sit, one handed then to no hands

Chair spin

  • Regression to front hook spin
  • Progression to chair spin one leg extended, two leg extended and variations of leg positions 


  • Step and glide into back hook spin
  • Back hook spin onto knee landing into a back arch
  • Put the above two together
  • Carousel spin to chair spin
  • Carousel spin to attitude spin (ankle)

Cool down

  • Arm across chest pull in
  • Arm overhead hold the elbow
  • Hold the pole and turn away with the straight arm
  • Wrist, extension of wrist position, either hold with opposing hand or use the pole
  • Pole hold and sit away
  • Forward fold hang
  • Standing triangle hold


  • What did you enjoy about today's class?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What did you find difficult
  • Any questions?

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How to introduce yourself to a new pole fitness class; new instructors

As a new instructor for a pole fitness class, it's important to create a safe and welcoming environment. 

Here's a general outline of what you can say at the beginning of your class:

1. Introduction: Start by introducing yourself and sharing your qualifications and experience in pole fitness. - keep this brief and not too self-serving!!

2. Welcome and Icebreaker: Greet the participants with a warm welcome and perhaps a brief icebreaker to help everyone get to know each other.

3. Studio and Venue Guidelines:

   a. Explain the layout of the studio and the location of emergency exits.

   b. Mention any specific rules or guidelines for the studio, such as the use of equipment and props.

   c. Address the importance of keeping personal belongings secure during the class.

   d. Request that participants turn off or silence their mobile phones to minimise distractions.

   e. Make sure everyone knows where the toilets and changing facilities are.

4. Health and Safety Guidelines:

   a. Emphasise the importance of warming up before starting any pole exercises to prevent injuries. - This can be done during the warmups too!

   b. Mention the availability of first aid supplies and the location of the first aid kit.

   c. At the beginning of the class, encourage participants to inform you of any injuries, medical conditions, or limitations they may have.

   d. Stress the importance of staying hydrated during the class and provide water breaks as needed.

   e. Discuss proper attire for the class, including the use of grip aids, if required.

   f. Explain that participants should perform exercises at their own pace and within their comfort zone to avoid injury.

   g. Remind participants to communicate any discomfort or pain during the class.

5. Demonstrate Exercises: Begin with a demonstration of basic pole fitness moves, emphasising correct form and technique.

6. Questions and Concerns: Open the floor for any questions or concerns from the participants regarding the guidelines or the class in general.

7. Have Fun: Encourage everyone to have fun, enjoy the class, and support each other throughout the session.

Remember to be approachable, empathetic, and attentive to your students' needs. It's important to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere where participants feel comfortable sharing their concerns and experiences.

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Why is an effective warmup important before any pole fitness class ?

An effective warm-up before a pole fitness class that heavily involves the upper body is essential for several reasons:
 1. Injury Prevention: Warming up increases blood flow to muscles, making them more pliable and reducing the risk of strains and sprains. 
 2. Improved Performance: A proper warm-up can enhance muscle flexibility and joint mobility, which can lead to better performance during pole fitness exercises. 
 3. Enhanced Muscle Function: Warming up primes your muscles and nervous system, making them more responsive and efficient for the movements you perform. 
 4. Mental Preparation: A warm-up also helps mentally prepare you for the class, increasing focus and concentration. For a pole fitness warm-up targeting the upper body, consider including moves such as:

 1. Arm Circles: Forward and backward arm circles to increase shoulder joint mobility. 
 2. Shoulder Rolls: Gentle shoulder rolls to reduce tension in the upper back and shoulders. 
 3. Push-Ups: Modified or full push-ups using the pole to engage the chest and triceps. 
 4. Planks: Holding a plank position to engage core and upper body muscles. This can be done on the floor or diagonal planks using the pole. 
 5. Shoulder Stretches: Stretching the shoulders and chest to improve flexibility. 
 6. Wrist and Hand Stretches: Stretching the wrists and hands to prepare for gripping the pole. 
 7. Light Pole Spins: Performing slow and controlled spins on the pole to get used to the grip and motion.

 Your warmups can include the pole too. Always start with gentle movements and gradually increase intensity to avoid overexertion. Tailor your warm-up to the fitness level of the group and the specific activities you'll be doing in your pole fitness class. Make sure you have used all the muscles you intend to use in your class, which is pretty much all of the muscles of the body :)) 

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