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Garlic attracts women, health and fitness information

So this month I’ve researched information about Garlic and it’s amazing properties for health and well being

By: Cat Ebeling 
Garlic—it’s been around forever,  and quite frankly, kind of taken for granted. We know it’s good for us, but it has a bad reputation for giving everyone stinky breath, so many avoid it. Whether you love garlic or avoid it like the plague, it is the heart of many cuisines all over the world, and many dishes would actually taste quite strange without it. But, besides its unique taste, garlic has amazing medicinal qualities that support your health—and your lovelife!
Garlic’s pungent odor and sharp taste comes from the sulfur-containing compounds, primarily a substance called allicin. Allicin is known for its antibacterial, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties and is a  powerful component of garlic! Allicin has to be ‘activated’ in garlic in order to have the strongest effect. In fact, allicin is produced only when the garlic clove is crushed or chopped—a long-standing defense mechanism of the plant. Once you crush or mince the garlic, it has to sit for a minute, as the enzymes activate the powerful phytochemicals in the garlic and produce the allicin.
Let’s take a look at some of the amazing ways that garlic can improve your health:
1. Garlic is a Natural Antibiotic
Antibiotic resistance is becoming a serious worldwide concern, as the overuse of antibiotics in large scale meat production has created a whole new group of antibiotic-resistant super bacteria. This makes even minor bacterial infections in humans a serious health issue, if there are no medical antibiotics that can kill the bacteria. Garlic has been shown in scientific studies to kill a variety of common and dangerous bacteria including: campylobacter jejuni (responsible for food poisoning, pseudomonas aeruginoasa (pneumonia, and urinary infections), E.coli (food poisoning) staphylococcus aureus,klebsiella pneumonia (pneumonia, meningitis), shigella sonnei (diarrhea, dysentery), salmonella typhi(typhoid fever), as well as helicobacter pylori responsible for stomach ulcers and cancer.
One scientist wrote, “Crude garlic extract…was superior to that of all conventional antibiotics used, except streptomycin… garlic may also possess immune-stimulatory effects in addition to its antibacterial effect.”
Vancomycin is currently one of the powerful last-resort antibiotic medications that has dozens of serious side effects. However, even vancomycin now cannot kill some resistant strains of enterococcal bacteria (VRE). Garlic has been shown to have inhibitory effects on this superbug as well as anthrax, a killer bacterium.
While there are still some remaining conventional antibiotics that work on superbugs, they kill all beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful bacteria. As we now know, beneficial bacteria are extremely important to our physical, emotional and mental health, and killing them with powerful antibiotics actually weakens our immune systems. Fortunately, garlic knows the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria, and–better yet, garlic contains prebiotic oligosaccharides, which are non-digestible carbohydrates that feed our healthy bacteria.
2. Kills Candida Safely
Candida albicans is a fungus that can live in the digestive tract. Usually our beneficial bacteria can keep it under control, but candida is an opportunistic fungal infection that thrives off of glucose and starchy foods. If our diet is off, or our immune system compromised by allergies or other illnesses, it can grow out of control. For many women, this can be a problem, as candida can become an uncomfortable vaginal infection as well. For many people, candida can be chronic and cause brain fog, allergies, digestive issues, bloating, weight gain and more. Prescription anti-fungals are available, but they are harsh to our systems and hard on the liver. Garlic can’t be beat! Research shows Allicin is as good as, or more effective than common pharmaceuticals to suppress growth and kill off excess candida.
3. Stabilizes Blood Sugar
Obesity and diabetes have become an overwhelming epidemic worldwide. Refined sugars in most all of our food supply, coupled with sugary soft drinks and fruit drinks have created havoc in our bodies with chronically high blood sugar, weight gain, heart disease, infections, kidney and eye disease and more. Raw garlic has actually been shown to modulate blood sugar, reduce the damage it has on our bodies, and reverse the inflammation and oxidative stress. Garlic improves insulin sensitivity so that blood sugar stays in check better.
4. Prevents Heart Disease and Blood Clots
Many physicians still prescribe dangerous statins to reduce cholesterol, unfortunately, statins have had some pretty awful side effects like increasing your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, liver damage, cancer, neurodegeneration, and weakening your muscles (including your heart). If you can take a natural approach to lowering your LDL cholesterol, you should be way better off. LDL numbers can improve with a combination of lower carb/low sugar diet, exercise and garlic. Garlic can regulate cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower inflammation levels, and prevent arterial plaque buildup, and help prevent heart disease.
One of the biggest contributing factors to heart disease is blood clots. Blood clots move along arteries until there is a narrow spot, and then get stuck, blocking off blood flow and oxygen—this creates either a heart attack, or stroke.  Certain people, based on a variety of factors, including diet, are more likely to have blood clots, but garlic helps to thin the blood in a healthy way. Aspirin has been recommended by the medical establishment as a preventative measure against blood clots, but has recently been rescinded by the Food and Drug Administration. When it comes to anticoagulants, allicin from garlic tops the list.
Another risk factor in heart attacks and strokes is high blood pressure. Often the drugs used to control blood pressure have many adverse side effects, including impotency, making them undesirable. In the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciencestudy results showed garlic to work better than atenolol, a popular beta-blocker hypertension medication.
5. Prevents Lung Cancer
Garlic breath may be tough to tolerate, but that is one of the ways it supports your lung tissue. The powerful compounds in garlic are very valuable for lung health. This study showed that eating raw garlic twice a week or more, reduces the risk of lung cancer by a whopping 44% ! Allicin also helps ease congestion and irritation in the lungs and helps fight pneumonia.
6. Supports Healthy Pancreas and Insulin Production
Our pancreas helps to produce insulin, which in turn lowers blood sugar. However, in light of the sugar and carb-heavy diets that most people eat today, the pancreas is working overtime to produce insulin in high enough amounts to counteract glucose levels. Over time, the pancrease can become exhausted and quit functioning properly or producing insulin. This is diabetes. Allicin from garlic actually helps to repair the pancreas and allow it to better produce necessary insulin. It works for type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes.
7. Garlic Attracts Women!
While scientists have observed that many animals are more attracted to males who eat a high nutrient, high antioxidant diet—for example blue footed boobys (a bird in the Galapagos) attract mates by the bright blue of their feet—which comes from the antioxidants in their diet. A similar thing may be true in humans, although we don’t look for blue feet, we look for scents and skin colors.
In a series of experiments published in 2016 in Appetite, 42 men snacked on raw garlic or swallowed garlic capsules, then wore cotton pads under their armpits for 12 hours. The pungent samples were later evaluated by 14 women, who collectively rated the body odor of garlic eaters as more pleasant, attractive and masculine compared with that of men who did not ingest any garlic. Because garlic enhances levels of antioxidants in the body and kills harmful bacteria, it could change the way our sweat smells, signaling healthiness to potential mates, the researchers hypothesize. So, while garlic breath on the first date may not score you points, apparently garlic-enhanced body odor will! Garlic is not the only food that might boost a man’s sex appeal. Previous studies have found that carotenoid-induced golden-colored skin is more attractive to potential partners—at least among Caucasians.
Bottom Line
Many, pharmaceuticals are based on naturally-occurring substances—the laboratory tries to imitate nature, but concentrates and isolates active ingredients so that when synthesized into a medicine, they have side effects—in many cases dangerous side effects.
Rather than popping a synthetic version of a natural product, it makes sense to use the natural substance in its whole form. Your body is better able to use the beneficial ingredients, along with all the other natural substances, and use them to actually heal and promote wellness.

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Mental Health - A support network is here for you

In light of a beautiful soul recently been taken away from our pole community and hearing the tragic news of Jess Leanne Norris' passing please find below a series of links where someone is there to support you should you need it

Rest in peace Jess... you were an inspiration. You started pole at 15, self taught, and went on to win at Miss Pole Dance UK championship professional category at the young age of 18 in 2011 And then went on to win  again 4 years later in 2015

Mental health services in the UK are very much still OPEN and are URGING people to use them now more than ever. Even if you don't have a mental illness, there's no grievance too small - please, please do not suffer in silence. If you're struggling and suspect it's part of a wider problem, it's INTEGRAL that you -

Go to your GP first and say you want to get in touch with a mental health team - this is the quickest way to get support

Please speak out to someone you trust or at least look for support online. There are plenty of resources:

Samaritans (call especially in crisis):


YoungMinds (for younger kids and teens):

MindOut (for LGBTQ+ support):

Bitesize mental health support:

How to have a conversation with your kids as a parent (questions to ask in lockdown):

Betterhelp (tailored counseling service if you can afford some quick support. Do not go to if you're in crisis.):


photo credit - Geoff Pegler

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Jess Leanne Norris - Miss Pole Dance UK Ambassador 2020

Jess Leanne Norris - June 2020 Miss Pole Dance UK Ambassador 💜 RIP 💜
A National UK Pole Treasure, Passionate, Dedicated, Determined. An Exceptional Young And Talented Lady
A Smiley Soul Who Was Committed To Pole From The Early Age Of 14
An Entrepreneur, A Friend To So Many. 
A Double Miss Pole Dance UK Female Champion Who Made No Secret About How This Championship Helped Her To Keep Focused

Today & Onwards I Want  The Pole Dance Community Across The World To Remember Her as She Would Have Wished 
A Strong, Dedicated, Committed & Powerful Lady Who Flew Without Wings,
Who Spun With Courage,
Who Climbed With Dedication,
Who Empowered Others Without Question 

🇬🇧 MPDUK 🇬🇧 Champion 
For many of us we have used pole to help us escape our troubles within a community of friendly and supportive individuals, making collectively a community like no other. 
💜 Jess Leanne Norris 💜 Thank you for your contribution and as a true ambassador for the aerial arts, touching so many lives, hearts and souls, lifting many of us with your entertaining, unforgettable and mesmerising routines.
Thank you for your unquestionable dedication and sharing your talent through many classes, masterclasses, camps, events & competitions 
You shone like a beacon of hope on so many stages and your legacy will live on forever in the History of pole 
and personally as my pole daughter, who constantly showed your gratitude over the years and during your reign as 
MPDUK Double Females single Champion 
2011 & 2015 

We Love You Jess & our hearts and thoughts go out to your family and friends during this extremely difficult & sad time  

💕 Never Forgotten 💕

Kay Penney 
Miss Pole Dance UK 🇬🇧 Founder

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Infection Risk Management for Pole & Aerial Instructors during Covid-19

Pole Passion established in 2003, the leading trainer provider for the aerial arts, pole & hoop, is proud to create the most comprehensive online risk management and safety course advice on the market, providing information on how to stay safe, keep your students safe, set up your classes safely once we are ready to do so which includes templates for your adaptation and use.

This must have course, is now available online, culminating in a 10 short question test, with a downloadable certificate for your insurance credibility

Who is this course for ?

Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur, children and semi pro championships for men women and children

Kay Penney seen here with Mimi James age 14, Ambassador for Pole Passion's Children's pole fitness

Thursday, 20 February 2020

New Aerial Hoop Instructor Training NOW available for on line learning

Pole Passion is proud to welcome you to the Aerial Hoop Instructor Training Beginner and Intermediate Level course.

Pole Passion was founded by Kay Penney in 2001 and has grown to be a global company with extensive connections and collective experience.  We have been mentoring and supporting students and instructors since 2001 and are one of the largest pole and aerial schools and training provider in the world.
We have dedicated thousands of hours to training and supporting students and instructors over 30 countries worldwide.
We are prod to have established links worldwide, enabling us to offer the first evert international masterclasses and training opportunities in the pole dance and fitness genre.

Pole Passion were the first school to own and operate national and international pole dance championships (Miss Pole Dance UK,  Mr Pole Fitness UK and World Pole Sport & Fitness.

We have developed, promoted, supported and mentored some of the most influential pole dance and pole fitness instructors and performers or our time, since 'pole fitness', was created in 2006.

Since practicing the discipline of aerial hoops and Lyra since 2014 and beginning developing our comprehensive course and syllabus since 2017, as an accredited and regulated training provider, we are now able to offer our very own Aerial Hoop Instructor Training Course.  This course has been developed through consultation with our trainers all over the world and draws on our extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of aerial fitness and aerial performance.

Thank you !

This course has been written with help and support from a number of people.
We would like to extend our thanks in particular to :
Amy White, Jess Smith,  Emily Luck,  & Arion Gadd from Pole Passion Bognor, who also helped with the photo images within this course
Holly Gibbons and the Pole Performance Studio for allowing us to use their beautiful studio for filming of the included videos.
and to Kay Penney for supporting and believing in the development of Pole Passion Bognor

Visit the website for booking lessons in our Pole Passion Bognor classes and for more Aerial Hoops instructor training information

Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur, children's, Semi Pro championships 2020 Tickets now on sale

Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur & Semi Pro championships
Tickets available from the website
Sponsorships available for exposure

You must be aged 16 years old on or before the competition date
Poling for under one year and no inverts are allowed on the pole (upside down moves)

This category has NO pre selection video round - Applicants are awarded a place in the final on a first come first served basis

You must be 16 or over on the competition date 
Poling for any length of time
You have never taught in a paid capacity
You have never completed a pole instructor training course OR certified as an instructor through recognised training
You have NOT previously entered a Miss Pole Dance UK professional competition in a SINGLES category
This category has a pre selection video round ONLY successful applicants will be invited to compete in the finals

You must be aged 16 or over on the competition date 
You have been poling for any length of time
You have previously taught or currently teach pole in a paid capacity or You have completed a pole instructor training course/certified as a pole instructor
You may or may not be currently teaching pole
You have NOT previously entered a Miss Pole Dance UK professional competition in a SINGLES category
This category has a pre selection video round ONLY successful applicants will be invited to compete in the finals

You must be 16 or over on the competition date 
Poling for any length of time
You have NOT previously entered a Miss Pole Dance UK professional competition in a SINGLES category
This category has NO pre selection video round - Applicants are awarded a place in the final on a first come first served basis
DOUBLES CATEGORY Amateur / Semi pro
You must BOTH be aged 16 or over on the competition date 
You may be an amateur and/or a semi pro -
have NOT previously entered a Miss Pole Dance UK professional competition in the DOUBLES category
Males and females may enter this category
You must be 18 or over on the competition date 
You may have been poling for any length of time
You may be a student or instructor
You can apply at any level although the standard expected is high 
This category has a pre selection video round ONLY successful applicants will be invited to compete in the finals

Once you have entered the Miss Pole Dance UK Professional  category you may not go back to semi-professional category unless you have not entered ANY pole competitions for a period of 5 YEARS
Please do not hesitate to email if you have further questions 

Miss Pole Dance UK is owned and operated by Pole Passion and complies with Code of practice and safeguarding regulations and abides by the World Pole Federation Guidelines since 2005

NEW Aerial Hoop instructor training, the most comprehensive course on the market to date

Pole Passion is proud to launch the most extensive beginner to intermediate, hoop, lyra, instructor online training course on the market, with over 100 moves explained with teaching instructions, regressions, progressions and safety tips

Whats included?
Detailed information about 
* Starting your own classes, 
* Health and safety, 
* Legal requirements and the all important aspects of 
* Rigging your equipment
* Risk assessments and 
* Lesson plans for all levels of students
* Useful templates
* Studio requirements

All with 24 hour online access and support with flexible in person, face to face instruction in locations around the country to suit you

To make further enquiries email us at

Benefits of POLE PASSION online training 

Pole Passion is regulated by the Register of Exercise Professionals giving you the piece of mind you are in safe, experienced and expert hands, where the tutors and assessors are high trained and upto date with industry guidelines and safety standards

* Cheaper than face to face courses as there are lower over heads by the training company
* Fit it in with your other family and professional commitments
* Easy, any where access to suit you
* Learn at your own pace
* Involve your family and friends as much as you require
* Receive support 24hours online via email and whats app calls and texting
* Bespoke the course learning to suit the way YOU learn

Three steps to pole fitness instructor training success with industry experts

Have you ever dreamed of being an expert pole fitness instructor but don't know where to start?

Email us at: where our team of experts can guide you through the 3 easy steps to success

Step 1. Sign up to the online, REP's accredited course and work at your own pace with 24hour online support from one of our assessors and experts
Step 2. Read the theory information and then complete the easy to follow online 20 minute theory test
Step 3. Send in your mock 25 minute lesson via video from the 5 moves contained in the course chosen at random by the computer


and over 100 moves, tricks, transitions and pole poses
with step by step videos to follow

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Continual Professional Development Aerial Hoops and Pole Fitness 2020, CPD

Pole Passion Ltd, training provider established since 2001

Aerial Hoops and Pole Fitness classes available

On line, face to face and in person teacher training courses New for 2020

email us to register:

MISS POLE DANCE UK children's pole dance competition

No experience necessary
Beginners welcome

A category for all

Join in the fun at Miss Pole Dance UK from age 8 upwards

enquire via email:

Safe Guarding and Code of Practice 2020
Competition owned and operated by Pole Passion Ltd since 2005

Rep's Accredited Pole fitness Instructor training low cost certifications

The Pole Passion Pole Instructor training; Beginner and Advanced teacher training courses in pole fitness are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a confident and advanced level instructor, leaning at your own pace and to run your own business to fit in with your lifestyle. As well as the theory skills to teach the moves on and around the pole these courses also cover extensive business knowledge and skills such as 

  • Advertising skills in recruiting your students and apprentices
  • Risk assessments and important legislation documentation
  • Health and Safety of you, the instructor, your students and equipment
  • Support in setting up your venue/s

For further details please email us at and visit the website for more details

Miss Pole Dance UK National championships 2020 judges

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional championships
Tickets now available from the Hawth theatre in Crawley and online

for February 9th 2020