Monday, 9 November 2009

Itac2 Pole Dance Sports Grip

Pole Dancing for empowering confidence, sport, fun & fitness

Itac2 Pole sports grip

Did you know that pole dancing is now a recognised and certified athletic sport and fitness activity and it’s growing at a phenomenal rate around the world?

Pole Passion one of the UK's leading and most established Pole Dance schools and brings to you a grip product specifically designed for pole tricks and fitness -

Pole dancing is now a recognised sport within the categories of Gymnastics, Acrobatics and a Dance sport.

It’s a non-contact, predominately female activity, requiring strength, agility and flexibility. It started years ago as a male dominated sport involving climbing large tree type structures and forming acrobatic feats whilst balanced on the top and sides of these structures. One or many men could be on this structure at a time.

Hands and feet and inner thighs were used as grip. Today the poles are metallic as opposed to wood, thin as opposed to thick, and they are smooth and solid. The only downside is they are not entirely porous so gripping can be difficult if u are prone to sweat.

Despite this, Pole dancing is becoming more and more popular year after year with Championships being held in most Countries around the world. – check out our Miss Pole Dance UK event that we organise. and

It is recognised as a serious sport and attracts many competitors as well as spectators, not to mention massive media interest.

Itac2 grip is also recommended for golf, tennis, basketball, squash, badminton, sport shooting so don’t be shy you can order from us too 

This product is also recommended by Bobbies Pole School Australia too

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