Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Alesia Vazmitsel ~ Miss Pole Dance UK Champion 2009/2010

Interview with Alesia Vazmitsel No 3 champion in the world and representing the UK Miss Pole Dance UK 2009/2010 champion by Kay Penney organiser of Miss Pole Dance UK & World Pole Dance ~ April 2010

How did you prepare for the worlds last year?
1. Conditioning
2. Practising routines
3. Stretching
4. Sleeping
5. 1. Again

What simple advice would you give to others about to go for their first competition at amateur level or professional level?

Choose music that you feel the most of the people from the audience may like.
Select the moves and transitions you can do well and you are the most confident with. Only use safe techniques.
Memorise your routines by listening the music of your choice.
Take a video of your performance and have a look from the audience point of view.
Make eye contact with the audience and be natural and smile.

Would you do any thing differently in your preparation towards competitions now as a world competitor?

I wouldn’t change the music at last minute as I did last time.
I will also train harder to fit my routines in the music.

Has anything changed since winning the titles Miss Pole Dance UK champion 2009 and World Pole Dance No 3?

Yes, I have definitely become recognised in the Pole Dancing Community. It has brought me opportunity to teach and perform globally.

Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration can be anyone who is working hard towards their goals.

Everyone needs a mentor who is yours?

I really didn’t have one until I got into pole dancing community. Now there are several and it would be unfair to name only one of them.

What’s your favourite food?

Seafood or a great beef steak.

Do you have a special diet whilst preparing for your competitions?

The right proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats supplemented by some vitamins, minerals and water.

What’s your favourite Pole Move/trick? Do you have one? Can you include a picture of it?

My favourite move is what I call “swallow” (the bird).

Where do you see yourself in one year time from now?

In one year time I’d like to become worldlier. I’d like to travel to other continents and share some experiences with other addicted pole dancers. I’d like to see myself grown more as a performer.

What got you personally into pole dancing?

Aspiration to create new, surprise people, passion and hard workout

Which are you most comfortable in - Dance shoes, barefoot, trainers or ballet shoes?

Dance shoes

What is your favourite pole grip and why? Do you use grip in competitions?

When I am flying around the pole, I don’t need to think about my grip, - Mighty Grip or similar does it for me.

What was the first Pole dance DVD you bought and why?

“The Art of Exotic Dancing: Pole Work”, with Fawnia Monday.
It was the first DVD I found about pole dancing and nothing else was available at that time.

Who would you most like to train under and why?

I’d like to train with people experienced at different spheres of art: pole dancers, athletes, other type of dancers, actors, circus artists

Do you like to drink wine or water?

Love wine, but can’t drink it when I’m dancing

Crisps or fresh fruit?

Definitely fresh fruit!

Sleep or party?

I am not a party animal, but still prefer a good party

How would you describe the best day of your life??

Open mail box and find millions of people congratulating me about something I’ve achieved.

Thanks for filling in the answers

Hugs Kay Penney

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