Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Miss Pole Dance Championships Japan 2011

Miss Pole Dance Japan Competition organiser

On a pole, a dancer can defy the gravity with physical power, gracefully. As she spins 360 degrees, all the audience near and far off the stage, can watch her beautiful postures, poses and artistic and captivating routine. Pole Dancing is a mesmerising sport, fitness and dancing style.
In 2005, the year the first official World Pole Dance championship was held in on Friday November 11th where Reiko Suemune from Japan took the championship title.

Who expected it would become this popular?
Since 2005, so many great pole dancers have emerged all over the world. They started teaching, providing every person the some opportunity to learn pole dancing casually. It didn’t take very long for this sport to become main stream, now there are various organisations, communities, and competitions world wide.
It’s no more a dream for pole dancers to “seize a chance.”

It still is open to dispute that how we should score pole dancing at competition level; Should we just evaluate the incredible strength and flexibility? Or emphasise the artistic aspects, or even estimate the accuracy of each trick?
Each competition has its own answer and by working closely together worldwide we share our wealth of experience, knowledge and passion and create something BIG and amazing supporting each and every competitor, taking different cultural and ethical balances into consideration. I think the multiplicity we see today is the proof of the Pole dancing industry’s progress and positive achievements.

Miss Pole Dance is a collection of credible championships throughout the world with its founding member championships of :-
Miss Pole Dance UK created in 2005 along with
Miss Pole Dance Australia
Miss Pole Dance Canada
Miss Pole Dance Germany
With now Miss Pole Dance and other pole dance championships following and joining the network of professional national championships all culminating towards the World Pole Dance Organisation which has the longest history as the official world-class pole dancing competitions. As the “Original championships”, we make it a rule to invite top level pole performers and key figures experienced in judging on to the panel, so as to choose the champion who is really skilled, powerful, unique, beautiful and lovely both outside and inside, adequate to represent their country which is an honourable position to claim.

Pole dancing has unlimited potential.

How the future of this sport, fitness and art form would be, is up to each dancer’s performances and behaviours. The winner of the competition will have to bear the gravest responsibility under the name of “Miss Pole Dance Japan Champion”. It will be hard and challenging to be that champion, but the title would surely take that individual to the higher place. They will have the opportunity to see a new world.

We are waiting for a lady who can work together with us, to continue to professionally promote the mesmerism of our sport and the unlimited possibilities of pole dancing not only in Japan, but also to all over the world.

Miss Pole Dance Japan Competition organiser

2011 championships
Saturday March 5th at Warehouse702 Tokyo

Adaption’s and additions by Kay Penney World Pole Dance Organisation 2011
2011 Budapest Hungary

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