Friday, 11 March 2011

Pole Instructor Training REP’s Accreditations Level 3 predominately focuses on the Health & Safety

Industry Leaders Pole Passion set to revolutionise the Pole Fitness industry once more, Global Leaders in Teacher Training announce a further submission to REP’s, specifically focusing on the safety on and around the vertical bar.
Pole Passion currently supports and inspires International world champions and national leaders with the annual World Pole Dance championships and advising on pole safety to hundreds of companies through their government approved courses which have been educating the pole industry since 2003.

REP’s Accredited Advanced Teaching Training Techniques - Level 3 is a bespoke course complying specifically with current Health and Safety regulations for professional pole instructors who are teaching or even the casual instructor who occasional teaches, as it is a very important issue and element of pole instructor training and one with serious consequences if it is not taught right.
Specifically designed for the safety of fitness and dance participants and their instructors incorporating up to date and revolutionary equipment and mats
Insurance companies have welcomed this news.

‘Level 3 has been designed, focusing specifically on Pole Safety, incorporating spotting techniques, drilling techniques for additional strength building on and off the pole and safety elements complying with Duty of Care and all current insurance requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act for all professional instructors,’ comments the course writer Kay Penney

Prerequisites for level 3 are Rep’s accredited level 1 & 2 Pole Instructor training certifications

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