Sunday, 26 June 2011

Jess Leanne Norris winner of Miss Pole Dance 2011

Our congratulations go to Jess Leanne Norris aged 18years

winner Miss Pole Dance UK 2011

Founder of Miss Pole Dance UK, and Pole Passion, Kay Penney interviews Jess Leanne Norris – with only 12 weeks to go before the finals of Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 Annual National championships - one of the youngest contestants that has entered Miss Pole Dance UK professional category, Leanne who just turned 18 in April 2011

Jess started to Pole Dance at the very early age of 15, encouraged by her Grand Dad!! Aged 60.

Jess has worked very hard and mentions this is her first competition. Over the years she has taught thousands of ladies and many men and has now a successful pole dance and fitness studio in Bolton.
Jess’s story is inspirational to all women, young and old and we are delighted that this year she is joining the amazing and professional line up we will have for all the pole fans across the globe.
She is passionate about helping people and has a huge heart in supporting and transforming people’s lives

This year’s championships was back in Brighton on June 25th 2011, where 9 of the best UK competitors transcend to Brighton at Concorde2 to battle it out to wear the ultimate crown and represent the UK in the World Pole Dance Championships in Budapest where they will be dancing next to the world’s greatest pole performers and tricksters

Jess now is following in the footsteps of Miss Pole Dance UK champions:-
Elena Gibson – 2005/2006 winner
Tracey Simmons – 2006/2007 winner
Sally Ann Giles – 2007/2008 winner
Alesia Vazmitsel – 2008/2009 winner
Maxine Betts - 2009/2010/2011 winner
Jess Leanne Norris – 2011/2012 winner
Why are you considering entering Miss Pole Dance UK professional category this year?
This competition was just a dream of mine when I first started to pole. To be given the opportunity to perform at MPD where some of the world’s greats have competed really is a dream come true.

How long have you been training for Mpd??
I could say since the day I stared 3 years ago :D

What has been your biggest achievement to date in the pole world?
Opening JLN has been a huge achievement for me; I have been given the opportunity to inspire thousands of people to take up pole which has been the best journey of my life!

What do you hope to get from the championships this year?
The satisfaction of performing on the MPD stage will be immense!

Who is your pole Idol
The legendary Felix Cane the current World Pole Dance Champion

Where do you see yourself in one year! /five years
Hopefully life will be as exciting as it is at the moment, that will be enough.

Anything else you may like to add ?
When I first started pole it was to get fit and have fun, which I did, although I did find ‘myself’ when I started to perform. Listening to the music and dancing around the pole is like magic, I’m in a world of my own and it truly is the best place to be. Pole has given me strength from within not just physically and I’m on top of the world! Everyone should try it xx

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