Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rpole ~ Pole Dancing and Fitness Safety Standards at the highest level

Rpole Luxury pole dancing and fitness cleaning cloths and sweat hand towels - Now available

Description - Luxury 100% Egyptian cotton - Known for its super absorbency and silky softness
Can be used damp, moistened with a little water or dry
As a pole cleaning cloth or as a sweat towel for during your hard training sessions

Size - 30cms x 30cms
Colour – Black cloth only with quality embroidery for a long lasting logo

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Professional Pole Dance & Sport Fitness Equipment

RPole are the only UK designed and manufactured pole dance poles that help maintain a healthy lifestyle through a more exciting, convenient and FUN!, range of Pole Dance Poles. RPole invented the 'no stage' portable pole and our free standing pole helps you burn more calories and build core strength compared to the same workout on a fixed floor to ceiling pole. The RPole's proven designed guarantees to burn more calories and improve core muscle tone and body definition as part of your exercise training.

The lightest, most portable Pole Dance Poles in the WORLD!

The RPole Play Pole Dance Pole has been specifically designed to be portable and lightweight and perfect for gym or home use and take one minute to erect plus they pack away small enough to be truly portable. RPole are also the only manufacturer to independently safety test for stability to ensure compliance to BS EN 957-1:2005 UK & European Safety Standards.

Forget the diet and get pole active to improve muscle tone and definition through a whole body
fun workout that specifically concentrates on your important core group of muscles that includes
your lower back, abdominal wall, pelvic floor and diaphragm muscles.

Developed by Sport Fitness Professionals, the RPole is the, most portable pole in the World today and suitable for both individual and professional use in teaching. The RPole has a unique 38mm pole. Proved to be easier to grip and medically endorsed by Dr Stephen Deadman one of the UK’s most qualified and renowned Chartered Physio’s & Registered Osteopath’s. Pole Dance Fitness is officially recognised as a Sport with Skills Active.

RPole is a Registered & Protected Design


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