Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Itac2 Pole Dancing Grip for Pole Xperts

Itac2 Pole Dancing grip back in stock at Pole Passion

There is now two strengths
Regular strength &
Ultra strength

Many of you requested it
Now we have it back in stock and pleased to be promoting it again

Come and pick up your free sample at

UK Pole Dancing & Fitness convention
19th – 21st October 2012
Where there will be the opportunity to try the world’s most portable free standing poles too
The Rpole             www.r-polefitness.com

There will be pole dance shows competitions aerial arts silks hoops pole products poles and many other fitness products

Come and visit Pole Passion and Rpole stand
We look forward to welcoming and seeing you

The First Ever United Kingdom Pole Dancing & Fitness Convention 2012. This event is being held over 3 days starting on Friday 19th October until Sunday 21st October 2012. Doors open daily 10am till 4pm. Some of the biggest named pole dancing will be hosting daily private pole dancing lessons & pole dancing workshops.

The UK convention will be host to five (5) Major pole dancing competition Grand Finals. Pole dance studios from around the UK & Europe will perform dail
On the main stage there are daily pole dancing & fitness seminars, showcases and lots more going on each day all for free yes you do not need to pay any extra  - all included in the day pass.

The convention will feature a vendor fair with display stands & tables all displaying the best pole dancing products from around the world.

Other events going on are the London pole dancing Limo fun day out & the London pole dancing boat cruise. There is FREE DAILY ZUMBA & BOKWA CLASSES for everyone so bring your ZUMBA & BOKWA outfits with you on the day or just dance as you are. Visit the FREE pole dancing workshop sponsored by Pole2Pole Magazine and the Pole2Pole Magazine chill out room.

There are so many fantastic pole dancing & fitness attractions going on daily all under one roof. Plus relax with a chair head massages or full body sports massages. Daily Fun mini Pole Competition, Friday 19th , Sunday 21st - R-Pole Fun One Trick Wonder Competition (10am - 4pm). You will find lots to do each day and there will be lots of prizes given away. The daily bar & food bar will be open 10am to11.30pm.
Daily Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops:

Sally-Ann Giles (UK) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
KT Coates (UK) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Loïc Lebret (France) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Marion Crampe (Italy) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Hanka Vanselaar (Holland) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Pantera Blacksmith (USA) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Annie Norris (UK) (Private Pole Dancing Lessons & Workshops)
Jeni Janover (USA) Liquid Motion (Workshops Only)
Lou Safire (UK) (Burlesque Workshop Only)

For more information visit  www.pole2polemagazine.com


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. I bought grip poles as well as they are good for the better grip. I like your product also, I will try it too.

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