Friday, 21 October 2016

Healthy eating for pole dancers and pole fitness experts - by Pole Passion

Livia's coming back to Budapest Pole Camp 2017

Pole Passion presents Livia Francis Workshops and 1-1 packages : 2017 Budapest Pole Camp Retreat

Sunday 30th April 2017 - Friday 5th May 2017

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Please book in advance or contact Livia at 

Individually Tailored food plans - From Novice Polers, Fitness & Pole Instructors to Professional Pole competitors,
Liv’s food plan’s are offered on 1-1 basis only every evening of the retreat. You need to be prepared in advance by keeping a seven - ten day food diary - which must be emailed to Liv in advance of the retreat. Livia will then book you in for your 1-1 which includes taking body stats, discussing ideas of how to stick to the food plan that she designs for you. Liv will also need you to fill in a health questionnaire prior to the retreat so that she is able to be as thorough as possible with the food plan.

For costs contact Livia directly

The food plans will gradually lower your body fat bringing you in to the best possible shape for your Special Event/Competition.

Poler’s generally need to adapt their sugar intake around their training/performing and adjust the ratio of good carbohydrates, fats and proteins to suit your individual body type.

Its takes discipline and commitment to get in good shape but Livia can support you through your journey.

Here’s a testimonial:

I couldn't understand why I was training hard and eating healthy and not loosing any weight. I was unhappy with my tummy and bingo wings and was recommended by a friend to contact Livia. I'm so glad I did, this year I went on holiday and felt proud of my bikini body. Livia made me complete a ten day food diary which confirmed I wasn't eating enough to lose fat!! I now eat more food than ever and have learnt it's all about little and often. Livia has taught me to do more strength training than cardio! Livia isn't your average personal trainer, she knows so much more! We are now working on getting my bottom more rounded and lifted. Livia takes into account your own body shape and listens to what you want to look like. I'm not getting massive muscles, I am getting sculpted and I'm so very happy! Don't think she has a magic wand though-you have to work hard too!

There are more testimonials on Liv’s Website

events website:


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