Saturday, 2 December 2017

Online Instructor Training DISCOUNTS - SPONSORSHIP for Romanian Instructors and Competitors for Mss Pole Dance Romania

CONGRATULATIONS to all the competitors on Monday 4th December at the forth coming Miss Pole Dance Romania National Pole Dance Championships
Pole Passion is happy to support all new instructors with the half price International accreditation certificate course for pole fitness and sport instructor training programme

Voucher 1. Internationally renowned Instructor training courses Foundation and Advanced teacher training certifications
(Foundation course must be completed before the Advanced course)
Voucher 2. Our online grading system - sign up and check the criteria with online videos for you to see, create your own routine and send in your online video for assessment - You will be awarded certificates for the grades you achieve 1-5 available amateur to professional routines available

for more information and signing up please visit - Instructor training  -

They may register for additional courses also - just email us on :

We confirm you have 6 categories for your Miss Pole Dance Romania championships

Kids ages 6-9
Kids ages 10/12
Youth ages 13/17

We would like to offer a sponsor deal to everyone for Foundation online Instructor training with a discount of 50%  off
Total to pay is £110 GBP per person

The courses are written in English, so a good understanding of English is required to register for these courses
We recommend that each student has been learning pole for over 6 months to a year
The online exam is multiple choice questions and let us know if additional time is needed due to their English not being their first language

The Instructor Training courses consist of 
1. A theory section which is all online, with easy to follow information with an online exam at the end, lasting approximately 30 minutes
2. A practical section, where a series of videos are online for the students to go through with a mock lesson being videoed in your studio at the end and sent to us via youtube or similar for us to assess
The programme will pick just 5 moves at random, from the online videos, to be taught including a suitable warmup and cool down section

We can send you more details in a separate email 

For this offer we will require the following - the email address is needed for us to log them into the online system so they can access all the videos and information that is required for the certification and grading system

We require
1. Full name
2. Email Address to log  into the website -

3. Facebook name if they have one, so we can promote them

For the online grading system - here is the link with more information

Please register through email to:

Do not hesitate to email if you have more questions after your competition as I understand how busy you will be at the moment 

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