Wednesday, 17 October 2018

ONLINE POLE FITNESS CERTIFICATIONS with industry leaders since 2003

Pole Passion has been mentoring and supporting students since 2001 and is one of the largest pole schools in the world. We are proud to have established links worldwide, enabling us to offer the first ever international masterclasses and training opportunities.

Pole Passion were the first school to own and operate national and international championships; Miss Pole Dance UK, Mr Pole Fitness UK and the World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championships. We have supported and mentored some of the most influential pole dance and pole fitness performers of our time.

We understand the needs of the instructor and the students and have dedicated thousands of hours to training and supporting students and instructors across over 30 countries worldwide.

We look forward to supporting and mentoring you through our course and during your ongoing journey of pole fitness and dance instruction.

Foundation and Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor Courses covers all the fundamentals of becoming a pole fitness instructor. Beginner, intermediate to advanced moves are covered in a step by step online training course or these can be taken face to face.

Courses includes all the essential knowledge required for setting up a pole fitness business. Start your instructing career the right way with a qualification that gives you all the knowledge and skills to be safe and effective instructor.

Course is split into theory and practical sections, each with an assessment

Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor Training by Pole Passion®. Leaders in pole fitness since 2003 for, 
Internationally recognised course. Enhance your knowledge and understanding and practice of Pole Fitness.
For instructors who want to gain a professional edge.
Research proves that individuals with professional qualifications earn more than going it alone.
Improve performance and effectiveness with structured training and class ideas.

We offer flexible training options with attend in person or online courses – book anytime and study at your own pace where our examiners and team will support you throughout your training.

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