Thursday, 18 June 2020

Mental Health - A support network is here for you

In light of a beautiful soul recently been taken away from our pole community and hearing the tragic news of Jess Leanne Norris' passing please find below a series of links where someone is there to support you should you need it

Rest in peace Jess... you were an inspiration. You started pole at 15, self taught, and went on to win at Miss Pole Dance UK championship professional category at the young age of 18 in 2011 And then went on to win  again 4 years later in 2015

Mental health services in the UK are very much still OPEN and are URGING people to use them now more than ever. Even if you don't have a mental illness, there's no grievance too small - please, please do not suffer in silence. If you're struggling and suspect it's part of a wider problem, it's INTEGRAL that you -

Go to your GP first and say you want to get in touch with a mental health team - this is the quickest way to get support

Please speak out to someone you trust or at least look for support online. There are plenty of resources:

Samaritans (call especially in crisis):


YoungMinds (for younger kids and teens):

MindOut (for LGBTQ+ support):

Bitesize mental health support:

How to have a conversation with your kids as a parent (questions to ask in lockdown):

Betterhelp (tailored counseling service if you can afford some quick support. Do not go to if you're in crisis.):


photo credit - Geoff Pegler

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