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Online certification Pole Fitness Instructor Training with Pole Passion Questions

We were contacted with some questions regarding the online assessment process

If you would like a FaceTime session with a member of the team at any time, with your home pole for an hour , we'll be happy to get one of our experienced training assessors  to do this with you at a time to suit you whereby we can go through a face to face session working on your own personal style of teaching

Email us on - where we will be more than happy to support your further

QUESTION - How best do you recommend learning the transitions/poses/core moves? I've been physically practicing moves but I'm having trouble practicing with the words together. 

- this come with practice but until it comes second nature this process works well for many new instructors 

show the move

describe the move in words including technical points

show the move again

get the student to do the move and make any corrections

show the move again should the student need to visually see the move again (more for kinaesthetic learners)

QUESTION - Am I required to say the exact words given in the online course earning material to successfully pass the exam? Or can the same instruction be given in my own words?

- you may use your own words

QUESTION - Is there any training information on how I should help and give corrections to a student if they are struggling with getting a move? 

- more instructor support can be done on a 121 FaceTime session with us, whereby we can work with your individual  strengths and weaknesses

- always bare in mind you can regress and break down a move or even go back to a previous move which will help build up your participants strength and confidence if they are struggling with one move in particular - remember every move is not going to suit ever participant every time, so have the confidence to adapt your lesson plan at a moments notice :)

QUESTION - At what point in my training do you suggest I press start to find out the information for my practical exam? Will I still be able to see the video and words in order to practice after this point?

- you may click to view all the videos at any time after you have completed the theory test - you can go back and see the videos at any time in the course

- there is a time limit of 4 months to view all the videos, but if you need an extension then let us know - we do this so you keep the momentum going with your learning and not leave it for months on end

QUESTION - When I film my practical exam is 1 student enough and will I be marked down for filming on a home pole? Must it be carried out in a professional studio?

- as long as you adhere to all the requirements, a home pole is fine - Naturally when you have paying customers you must be mindful that your insurance is adequate in any venue or location 

Please find further information below about the  assessment process and please email if you have further questions 

Kay Penney

Trainer / Assessor Pole Fitness - Pole Passion

Information is correct as of August 2020

We do however update our assessment process annually in line with industry standards so please do check before you purchase this course if you are in any doubt of the current process


Below is the online assessment process, which is in two parts, 

1st part is online theory short test and 

2nd part is the practical assessment, which explains how the course works. If you have any questions, please contact us


The theory test consists of 20 questions in the form of multiple choice, fill in the blanks, answering true / false questions. 
There is a time limit of 1 hour for the theory exam. You can start and stop as much as you need to within that hour 

Many of the students have said it takes them  shorter time than one hour

You will only have one attempt at the exam. 

Once you have completed the exam you will find out your score. The pass mark required is 75%. If you pass you can then move on to the practical component of the course. If you do not meet the required score you will be offered the opportunity to review the course content further and to re-sit.


The practical assessment consists of you delivering a mock lesson to include three elements
1. A warm up component
2. Verbally and visually teaching 5 of the moves covered in the course that will be generated at random and cannot be changed. 

3. A cool down component at the end 

Each move is worth 5 marks and 5 additional marks are awarded for instructor presentation, voice, body language, interpersonal skills and use of kinesthetic tuition where necessary.


Video submission of practical exam

  • MAXIMUM One hour (plus additional studio and camera set up time) MINIMUM 20 MINUTES
  • One student to teach, minimum ( You may teach up to three students in one lesson)
  • One static pole to teach from with safety mat for inverts where applicable
  • The video must have clear sound and vision at all times and must flow continually. (no breaks in the filming) please do not have your music up high)
  • You must be facing the camera at all times (not your back to the camera)
  • You may have music playing in the background, this must not obscure your voice, please do not have your music up high)

You will be given 5 moves chosen at random. You CANNOT change the moves chosen at random.

Examiners will be looking for visual and verbal demonstration of the following

  • Appropriate warm-up and cool down components delivered by you the instructor
  • Appropriate and safe execution and linking transitions observed
  • Do you use the pole cleaning cloth appropriately
  • Are you suitably and safely dressed for professional instruction
  •  Instructor presentation - Suitable clothing, no jewellery, hair tied back, suitable make-up if applicable
  • Body language & personality – Appropriate body alignment. strong, confident, balanced & motivational. Open and encouraging, no crossed arms, for example
  • Relaxed and confident teaching manner
  • Your language used during your instruction and motivation skills used. Voice – tone, tempo, engaging, fun and motivational
  • Interpersonal skills - Use of student’s names during instruction, eye contact, spatial awareness to that of your student/s and the pole. Kinaesthetic, hands-on tuition, where appropriate
  • Your correct hand grips during your demonstrations and the student's practice (correcting fully if the student needs correcting)
  • Safe and accurate execution of the moves with added teaching variations and progressions if necessary

Videos can be submitted to via Vimeo, YouTube, Wetransfer, one drive or Dropbox link.

 You can also post a DVD/USB to 

Pole Passion Ltd

283 Dewsbury Road


West Yorkshire


United Kingdom

Please ensure your DVD/USB stick is clearly labeled with your full name and the date. The DVD must be region free. DVD/USBs will not be returned. 

Many thanks and we look forward to supporting you for your online teacher training journey,

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