Friday, 22 January 2010

R Pole on Celebrity Quitters

Chloe Medley is supported by Pole Passion's founder Kay Penney and advanced instructors Natasha and Debbie and taught the art of pole fitness and dance to help her quit her smoking habit of 7 years.

Within an hour of instruction the nervous Chloe featured on channel 5's reality TV show Celebrity Quitters which follows the challenging stories of 5 smokers who are keen to give up their habit for good.

Chloe chose pole fitness which is an activity sweeping the nation's gyms as her fitness activity. Presented on the new R-poles, specifically designed for studios with no ceiling fixtures, a one hours session had Chloe hooked and wanting more. After the initial nervousness and uncertainty, which lasted about 5 minutes she found the techniques fun and challenging.

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