Wednesday, 20 January 2010

R-Pole supports Haiti charity event

R-Pole is supporting the Haiti charity pole event on Sunday January 24th 2010, at Taylors Pole Studio in Capel, Surrey.

This huge venue, holds 12 poles and has room for 150 people.

Performing during the afternoon will be Miss Maxine Betts – the current Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 champion, also Alesia Vazmitsel who is the 2008 Miss Pole Dance champion, also current 3rd place title holder of Miss Pole World 2009 Champion.

There will be a charity steeplechase, involving local riders and horses from Capel.

A HUGE raffle, with the 1st prize donation being a R Pole – sponsored by R-Pole & Pole Passion (worth £800)!!!

2nd prize – 1 2 1 private lessons with Maxine Betts

And many, many more amazing prizes all donated by friends and families from the pole community

The event is being organised by Vicky Heasman, Debbie Merchant and Emma Pearson, whereby the entire UK pole dance network is pulling together for this amazing event!

For details call Vicky 07500 281741

Comments by Kay Penney Pole Passion founder and R-pole
‘I first heard about the event on facebook, late on Saturday evening, just busily catching up with emails, Debbie was online and asked for help as her close friends Vicky & Emma were wanting to set up the event. I nonchalantly mentioned it to Steve (R-pole creator) who was nearby, who mentioned it would be great to donate an R-pole for a raffle, with all proceeds to the people of Haiti. WOW I said, really??? OMG that’s amazing YES YES YES lets do it.

So I messaged Debbie to say R-Pole would like to donate a brand new R-pole to raffle for the pole community, in which she replied YES YES YES !! within minutes it was on facebook and people were beginning to message and email us wanting more details. More an more people begun to donate. It was the best feeling.'

As we have all been hit by the devastating daily news of human suffering in Haiti, it’s a way we felt we could perhaps make a little difference.

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