Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Pole Passion Accredited Instructor sets New World Record

Pole Passion Accredited Pole Instructor, Alma Pirner from Hungary Sets a Pole Dancing World Record to Promote Workplace Gender Equality

If there was ever going to be a pole dancing world record set, you knew it would have to come from a trained professional. Former dancer and glamour model and the first Pole Passion Accredited Instructor from Hungary, Alma Pirner who qualified in 2008 as a Pole Fitness Instructor along with several other pole artistes got together at the Dollhouse dance studio in Hungary to pole for 24 hours.

Alma set a solo record for eight hours of consecutive movements, tricks and transitions around the pole. When asked why she did this, Alma said that it was to prove that women are just as physically and mentally capable as men, and deserve to be treated equally in the workplace

July 12th 2010



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