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Pole Passion Instructor Training ~ we teach you all the techniques & Pole Secrets you have been dying to know

Pole Passion Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness classes in the UK.

Our accredited qualification in Pole Fitness Instructor Qualifications Level 1 & 2 is an exciting opportunity for fitness professionals as well as exceptional individuals to learn to become Pole Fitness Instructors to learn a new career and teach Pole Fitness with full ongoing training and support.

At Pole Passion we create inspiration through our unique training programmes
to deliver fitness and FUN! - Kay Penney – Founder and Chief Instructor since 2003

Pole Fitness Instructor Training Programmes (REP’s Accredited & approved)

Our comprehensive courses include in Level 1, over 100 moves, transitions, poses, tricks and spins & at Advanced level 2 over 70 additional moves, transitions, spins and tricks.

OUR instructor training courses are accredited with REP’s for 16 CPD points each (32 CPD total). The courses map to D414, D415, D416, D412, D417 and C35 of the National Occupational Standards.

These pole fitness qualifications are written with the ETM knowledge to support the course and are designed primarily for fitness professionals who have an ETM qualification to level 2 or similar and are looking for a new and exciting class to teach and gain valuable CPD (continual professional development). However, this is not a must for everyone who wishes to attend the course, just a recommendation as our course assumes knowledge gained from the ETM. We highly recommend all students to register for the ETM as part of their continual improvement programme.
Some testimonials from the hundreds of instructors we have successfully trained

"I would definitely recommend Pole Passion. I found Kay & Jenni extremely
knowledgeable & approachable. The Course was informative challenging & interesting"

I have just taught my first ever pole fitness class and it was great! I had 3 poles and 3 girls to a pole and I don't know who was more excited, me or them! We all had so much fun and when I assessed my performance as a teacher I think I did pretty well. The feedback was fantastic and the girls seem to be hooked! I have a second class with different girls tomorrow and am so looking forward to it!
I could feel Kay over my shoulder at times [don't turn your back on the girls!] and was surprised at my confidence. Thank you Pole Passion. Who would have thought that a year ago, after losing my Mum, that this middle aged woman would come so far on an emotional journey and find herself in such a place? Her own pole studio! I love it! Thank you so much ... Best wishes from Angela.

Pole Fitness - Instructor Training Level 1 is a teaching qualification for all participants who have no, or limited prior experience on a Pole and limited teaching experience. It is also a comprehensive foundation course for more experienced pole dancers seeking a recognised teaching certificate. You will be awarded your unique, quality assured, membership number, recognised within the fitness and pole professions

Pole Fitness – Advanced Instructor Training Level 2 is a continuation on the course structure from level 1 which includes progressive new moves, transitions, routines, trick and floor work. BONUS new course structure innovated by Pole Passion - Both courses offer comprehensive & detailed manuals and is aimed at those participants who have completed level 1 Pole Passion Fitness Instructor course. Ideal for those serious about professional pole instruction

Continual Professional Development - from Level 2 Pole Passion offers regular advanced training and master classes designed to support you and your continual professional development up to a master trainer standard including additional training in Burlesque and other dance / fitness styles for additional class structures and opportunities. Structured training includes;

• Burlesque - Introduction to Burlesque for beginners
• Burlesque - Teaching Burlesque Instructor Training
• Introduction to Pole for beginners
• Pole Fitness Instructor Training Qualification Level 1 - 16 REPs CPD Points
• Pole Fitness Advanced Instructor Training Qualification Level 2 - 16 REPs CPD Points
• Pole Fitness Training: Level 3 - Intermediate
• Pole Fitness Training: Level 4 - Intermediate / Advanced
• Pole Fitness Training: Level 5 - Advanced
• Pole Fitness Training: Level 5 - Competition Standard
• Pole Fitness Training: Level 6 – Master Trainer

Instructor course aims - The course allows instructors (male and female) to learn a new form of exercise, boosting their self confidence in a fun, professional and supportive environment and to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, teach and evaluate safe and effective pole exercise.

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