Monday, 5 December 2011

Jess Leanne Norris Master Class Brighton hosted by Pole Passion 3rd December 2011

Jess Leanne Norris Master Class Training December 3rd 2011


Many thanks to Jess for travelling down to Brighton to host her first Master Class with Pole Passion since the successful win of Miss Pole Dance UK Professional championships 2011 in July
Jess took 36 girls through the grilling pace of her training routines from cross ankle release sit ups up the pole, to spin combinations on the free standing Rpoles and floor to ceiling poles in Brighton studio where Pantera Blacksmith (USA) pole tricks expert also hosted one of her very first Master class with Pole Passion years ago.
Jess worked hard supporting the girls of all standards and experiences and with her friendly manner and supportive approach making the day run smoothly, transitioning into the amazing Christmas Party also hosted by Pole Passion as a thank you to the pole girls near and far

A very big thank you to Jess for supporting the polers in the South and we look forward to seeing you again soon
Each participant received a signed certificate by Jess as a record and memento of the day

For more information about Master Classes hosted by Pole Passion please visit

Proud to be supporting the Pole Dance & Fitness Industry and promoting the very talented

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