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Information on Pole Dancing gripping aids and should you be using them?

Which Pole dancing grip? And should I be using them?
Here below is a list of grips most often used in the pole dance and fitness industry
The beauty of all these grips is that they last a long time and are all great value for money and can so improve pole technique if used correctly – always consult a qualified Pole Fitness Expert when doing pole fitness

Mighty Grip
Dry white powder reducing moisture
Mighty grip is a great gripping powder  reducing moisture from the palms creating a more secure hand grip next to the pole – most suitable for beginners as there is not too much tack therefore still allowing a spinning action on the pole

Tite Grip
Orangey liquid reducing moisture

Dry Hands
Creamy liquid reducing moisture

Gorilla Gold
Impregnated cloth transferring sticky substance to skin and to the pole – suitable for more advanced strength tricks and static poses

Tacky solid wax transferring a resin to skin and pole

Liquid Chalk
A liquid white chalky barrier preventing moisture

A tacky spray for the skin creating a sticky barrier

Dew Point Pole
This unique pole grip has the properties of a hydrating moisturiser (liquid) that will make you grip on the pole too – the benefits you can moisturise the skin as well as introducing a more grippy skin, making it less dry and flaky looking

Each grip we stock all has incredible properties for pole fitness and dancing choreography  - Sometimes it really is just trial and error before you feel settled into a grip that works for you
I quite often carry a selection of grips  depending on the weather! My emotional state! My muscle strength that day - and which trick I'm attempting - oh and which pole I'm training on
At Pole Passion we have a selection of old 50 mm diameter poles and new 38 mm poles which does affect the grip of a participant - it's important to factor things in like the following

1. The type of pole pose or hold you are executing/ learning focusing on its level of difficulty (always use a mat! )
2. Are you linking it with a spin ( movement) or fluid transition in and out of your new trick - some grips will grip too well and won't allow this -so be careful you don't hurt or strain your body
3. Are your muscles developed enough to hold your new move - you may now have a fantastic grip but can your muscles hold the grip safely too
4. Humidity in the room- this affects your body temperature and pole gripping properties - one grip might work for someone in Canada but not in the UK
5. Type of pole you are using? Stainless steel has better natural gripping properties than chrome plated - the cheaper poles quality is generally lower than the more expensive quality range - with poles you generally get a better quality pole the more you pay
6. How old is your chrome plated pole as these metals wear therefore reducing the gripping properties quite early on in your pole training - some chrome plated poles only last 1 year with average use of 3-4 times per week sometimes less - the chrome wears off leaving a more silkier slippery surface for the hand grip often found where the hands are placed the most
7. Is your skin free from moisturiser and natural oils including products such as tanning creams - products and oils can be absorbed by some metals, poles such as brass for example which means the oils become impregnated in the pole making it more difficult to grip despite cleaning the poles
8. Do you use bathing showering products that contain added moisturisers that will make your skin more slippery?
9. What is the diameter size of your pole - this will affect your gripping properties too - 38's have been proven to create a more secure hand grip than that of its bigger brother of a 50mm diameter therefore creating more confidence in your hand grip on a 38 narrower pole
10 and lastly let’s not forget your metal awareness and preparation for gripping - if you’re feeling unsure of a more - how to get in and out of a move safely and correctly with a spotter on hand then naturally you will be more nervous - which means you perspire (added moisture) creating a more anxious you - a person’s confidence and psyche must be that of a positive one to succeed in safe grips
I hope some of this has helped
We cover about grips in our instructor training  courses in more depth too xx

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