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Pole Motion interviews Kay Penney CEO Miss Pole Dance UK

Pole Motion Interview - Miss Pole Dance UK 2013
1.The Miss Pole Dance UK Pro and Mr Pole Fitness UK competition will take place next month. How is the event shaping up? What can we expect?  (Anything new/different?)
All is going to plan and working as hard as ever to create the most spectacular pole show for the performing arts in the country WE have  3 competitions at a 800 capacity Theatre this year Mr Pole Fitness UK Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles category and Miss Pole Dance UK singles championships
The vibrant energy will resonate through the theatre this year and we are so excited to be showcasing the talented performers so worthy of this prestigious stage
2.Tell us about the categories and competitors. (You can list them here)
 Mr Pole Fitness UK- open to all males over 18 years of age
Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles - this can be mixed or same sex gender
MPDUK  - Female singles again all talented individuals who have had to work exceptionally hard for a place this year showing originality, passion, story line and exceptional skill 
3.As well as all the amazing competitors you also have a panel judges. Tell us about your judges and how the competitors will be marked.
6 Judges have been chosen this year - The MPD UK Judges are chosen for their commitment, personalities and passion to the pole industry . Each bringing their unique style and technique to the judging panel.  Bendy Kate  Sarah Scott and Justine McLucas all finalists and winners encompassing the Miss Pole Dance ethos of passionate and skilful performances our international judges are experienced; Akos, a fitness and pole dance professional from Hungary and Alma originator of Pole Fitness with Akos in Hungary and co hosts with Pole Passion of World Pole Sport & fitness championships 2011.   Lena Shishkova, Pole Passion Master Trainer and originator of pole fitness in Russia bringing a unique blend of skills and technical expertise to the judging panel this year also

The competitors are marked through three criteria categories which are then further broken down into
Dance and fitness show presentation
Deductions are made for slips and trips, incorrect extensions and incorrect lines, aborted moves moving off the beat and bad music interpretation to name a few of deductions

4.How is your event different and what do you hope to contribute to the pole dance community with the event? (why is it different/special etc)
As pole dance is still evolving its important to our organisation to keep pushing boundaries - As we did, first introduce Pole Dance to the general public, in 2005  our message is still as strong and powerful as it was then as it is today. We focus on  providing a professional and exciting stage for musical theatre, creativity and innovation to further develop and encourage the art of pole dance for fitness and fun. With the increase of pole fitness and dancing sweeping the nation interpreted is so many ways, its still very much a platform that people can work towards. As we know some pole fitness classes do not cater for the dance side of pole and very much different skills and techniques are required and not touched upon  Our competitors are about creativity and performance and allowing them to show who they are through movement around the pole
5.How has the standard of entrants changed/improved since you first started the competition?
We are still seeing gorgeous and creative performances - competitors still manage to introduce creative props and by incorporating  the foundation moves with new moves and combinations,   Certainly with the costumes. Last year we even saw full length cloaks - to pole in!
6.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most? 
The fun and friendships, the contribution creating personal growth and development both physically and mentally  I have managed over the last 13 years to continue to fulfil all my ambitions and find more to challenge myself with. 
7. Has pole dancing had an impact on anything else in your life such as giving your more confidence or making new friends?
Absolutely - New Development in assessor training
Public speaking
Leadership Nationally & Internationally
Supporting and Mentoring working along side different cultures, ethnics and Religions.
8. Where would you like to see pole dancing in the future?
Still the same visions as i had when i first began. I want to see pole dancing available to all and certainly with the development of free standing Rpoles we will have and will continue to make this happen.
9.Are their any unsung heroes of the pole dancing industry that you think should be given credit for their contribution.
This is difficult to answer as there is so many in the industry just here in the UK alone who contribute their time/energy, either locally or Nationally. Many contribute (an important human need), not necessarily for acknowledgement  but because they care for people and health.
10.Three words that mean pole dancing to you. E.g strong, sexy. confident

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