Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Burlesque Countdown to Instructor Training for fitness and performance

Subject heading - 6 WEEKS COUNT DOWN for the Burlesque training - a message from me

Hello lovely ladies

This is the beginning of a 6 week count down to the Burlesque Passion 1 day or 3 day course you have booked with us OR THINKING STILL ABOUT BOOKING WITH US!!

Each week we will be motivating you and asking you to slowly prepare for what we hope will be the most glamorous transformation of a sassy confident  and sexy NEW YOU, who will go in to inspire many others in the field and artistry of burlesque techniques and dance movements
 This  fun yet challenging teacher training course, whether it be the one day, focusing primarily for fitness or the three day for performance / workshops and parties, then the planning starts NOW J
Your comprehensive booklets will be given to you on day 1 but let’s in the meantime begin to prepare for what will be,  for many of you, a life changing experience.
Let us know if you would like to purchase any of the following props and items and we can have these on day one for you to collect (please place your order no less than 7 days prior to the course)
Boas - quality and luxurious 80g in red, black or white -   £15 per boa 
Elbow length gloves – satin plain black or satin plain red - £12 set
Nipple tassel tape – We show you the nipple tassel twirling on day 3 too  -    £9
Small hand held fans – black feathers, an ideal and easy prop to use - £4.50 per fan
Remember you can upgrade to the 3 day course at any time and we have payment plans set in place too – just email me or Lou at Burlesque Passion Fitness -  theteam@passion-fitness.com
A fantastic investment as you can earn up to £300 in just 2 hours !!!   teaching Burlesque parties and workshops and we’ll show you how !!
Sexy hugs from your instructors  Kay (Aka Ana Dupre)  and Andi (Active Cherry)

6 weeks to go

This week I would like you to buy yourself a burlesque note book either A5 or A6 one that you will be writing your burlesque journal in over the forth coming weeks and many years to pass
One with a pretty cover too!  so reach out to WHSmiths or similar, to buy your journal and between now and the course you will be asked to complete certain things as part of your journey.  Until next week have a funfabulous week

 Any other questions or outstanding payments - please pay via paypal to -  bookings@passion-fitness.com or email or call Lou between 10 - 2pm  on 07921948606 or theteam@passion-fitness.com
 Happy Hip shakes - Kay Penney

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