Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Crawley Councillor Chris Mullins misrepresents Miss Pole Dance UK National championships At Hawth Theatre -

Local Crawley councillor Chris Mullins has misrepresented Miss Pole Dance UK National  championships.
An outrageous disgrace to liken Miss Pole Dance National, athletes as naked topless dancers.

This is far from the truth and has been since 2005 when Miss Pole Dance was created by founder of Pole Passion Kay Penney, mum of three.
'I have three children and have been living in Crawley for over 25 years and not only do I feel embarrassed, humiliated and outraged to his incorrect and misleading comments, i'm still waiting for a public apology from him.'

Kay has been pioneering Pole Dance for fitness since 2008 and took up the sport after having her third child in a quest to find an empowering dance and fitness course to help tone and keep in shape.  Kay who enjoyed all sorts of team and individual sports and fitness crazes all through her life, to include cricket, football, tennis, hockey, martial arts to name but a few, then went on to write three REP's  (Register Of Exercise Professionals) accredited and skills active endorsed international training programmes and courses to support like minded fitness experts in the skill of teaching pole dance for fitness and empowerment to both men and females.
The courses are organised by Kay's company Pole Passion Ltd and use Nuffield Health and Wellbeing in Crawley as their centre of excellence working off RPoles that have been specifically designed for the gyms and the students. 

'We have worked tirelessly, over the last 10 years to remove the sleazy imagery, so as you can imagine when we receive comments of such misdemeanour's it makes me and my colleagues sad.  I think until you have experienced a lesson and met the instructors and fellow students its inappropriate to talk in such a way.'

For more information about pole dancing and pole fitness visit the website


Unknown said...

It's a shame that Cllr. Mullins forgot to mention that his own daughter is a lapdancer...

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