Tuesday, 7 January 2014

FREE Pole Fitness Apprentice schemes with Pole Passion

To gym members, managers and gym CEO’s who don’t quite appreciate or ‘get’ what pole fitness and dance is all about!
As leaders and pioneers in the Pole fitness Industry we are proud to organise and operate a teacher training apprentice scheme

Why do we have a pole instructor apprentice scheme?

The skills required to be the best pole instructor don't happen overnight for the majority, so we at Pole Passion are dedicated to share our wealth of national and international knowledge to those also passionate about supporting people in the pole fitness industry. Already coupled with our comprehensive REP’s Accredited, international teacher training programmes and exam and assessments we now have had in operation our apprentice scheme for over three years.

The reason why the apprentice scheme was set up by Kay Penney, the founder  and CEO of Pole Passion, was to support and educate the challenges that each instructor would face, socially and morally and it's a way of passing on this knowledge to make each person become the best they can be.
The scheme is predominately about providing opportunity for all and offering practical experiences in the class environment.  It’s about education and offering elite and professional training and support for free!

Who can apply?

We at Pole Passion, as founders of pole techniques feel we have an obligation to the industry as a whole. We only want the best to be leading pole techniques, focusing not only each participant who enters the world of pole, but equally on the health and safety elements, as paramount to those students and potential students we are introduced too, around the world.

Unfortunately there are, luckily, only a few, who aren't representing pole as we would like, so our scheme, which is available to all, is now running out as a national programme, with a view to running it internationally soon.

How does it work?

We have very simple guidelines and rules all accompanied by the Code of Pole Practice also written by Pole Passion in 2008  (add link)
We will issue you a training manual, uniform and set of guidelines and an instructor who, weekly will work closely with you, supporting your strengths and weaknesses.
You will be working towards the REP’s accredited teacher training two and a half day courses offering hands on experience and training every other week to the classes.

How much will it cost me?

This scheme is FREE to the right person – you will need to show commitment in your time and ability but your comprehensive training manual and uniform are given to you for free

How do I find out more?

If you would like to be considered as a Pole Passion trainer and or a Pole Passion teacher trainer apprentice and have been attending the Pole Passion pole classes for more than 12 consecutive weeks, then please contact us

 at email: kay@passion-fitness.com

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