Saturday, 3 May 2014

Do Pole Dancers Use Fake tanning products and is it safe to do so?

We do generally  have a code of conduct for safety reasons here.

Do NOT to apply a fake tan to the face or body, up to 24 hours before going on the pole and always shower after a tan application (within the recommended guidelines for that product).
Some tanning products can cause a slightly slippery (oil based) residue, which may make a participant or fellow participant slip off the pole (not a good practice and very dangerous!)  
Our general rule is NOT to apply any cream, lotions or moisturisers prior to going on the equipment, minimum 24 hours before - Showering before a session on the pole is highly recommended.

There are many pole gripping products now on the market, that are suitable for use, prior to pole which helps with grip, naturally! and pole technique, however non that are of a tanning/colouring nature for the skin!!

For example
Mighty Grip – Powder based grip absorbing moisture
Dew Point Pole – Moisturising liquid spray causing a better grip
Gorilla Gold – tacky wax impregnated cloth placed onto the skin
Liquid Chalk – Liquid chalky based product removing moisture

When choosing a grip, do try it first, as not all grips suit one person – shop for all your gripping product

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