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Three Arm Strengthening Exercises from the Foundation Pole Passion Instructor Training

Three Arm Strengthening Exercises from the Foundation Pole Passion Instructor Training 

Gripping the pole tightly with both hands in base ball grip,
body facing the pole,
engage your core muscles,
hands at chest height

Gently jump up and down like a pogo !!
Using arms (biceps and triceps) using the pulling action and legs for power;- quads and calves and for balance, strength and coordination
Be careful not to ‘head butt’ the pole or swing your body forward - (this is an excellent full body, core and cardio workout)
Pogo for 30 seconds   ~  Then one minute! Rest and repeat

2. HANG TOUGH - Hands in same position as pogo pole
(baseball grip, doesn't matter which hand is on top because you will change hand positions after you have completed one set.

Hold the body off the floor as long as you can before your grip and strength gives up!) Time yourself, aim for 30 seconds then 1 minute - we like to think those who can hold themselves for up to 120 seconds are strong enough to hold their body weight for an Invert! As an example!!

Face the pole – and hold the pole above the head,  tummy gently on the pole to stabilise the body
Engage the biceps and triceps and lift gently, raising the body off the floor
At first the body may not move but in time mm by mm your arm strength will get stronger and you will be able to raise your full weight up the pole to a hand to chin position
At first you may 'cheat' by bringing the knees up holding the pole between your knees for support
Progression would be raising your legs into a boomerang straight leg raise position, in front of your pole (pole between the legs An adaptation would be to take your legs behind your body, arching your back

To progress -
This can also be done from a seated position too with your legs in front

Chin ups then  to climbing just with the hands

Have fun and always warm up before trying the above exercises too xx

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