Saturday, 16 April 2016

28 steps to winning a pole competition !

28 steps to winning a pole competition 

For almost everyone FEAR is what holds us back 
Fear of failure
Fear of not being good enough
Fear of what our friends and family might think 

With plenty of time to prepare (minimum 6 weeks)

  • Think about your ultimate outcome
  1. Is it just to compete for the first time ever. 
  2. Is it to be better than I was before 
  3. Is it to be placed 1st 2nd or 3rd 
  4. Or IS IT TO WIN - so think of your winning theme to include 

  • Your Song, one that moves you 
  • Routine, what tricks and combinations  do you love and can do well 
  • Practice, make time 
  • Rest , make you training schedule now 
  • Eat, for maximum energy
  • Laugh, have some time out
  • Cry, this shows youre growing beyond what you thought possible 
  • Laugh some more, have more time out schedule in some relaxation time too 
  • Hair, how will it look on the day - go for a bold statement to match your inner Diva 
  • Makeup / nails, schedule the finer details 
  • Train, you'll need to find more time 
  • Stretch, use between Training to help you relax too 
  • Laugh some more, at yourself if necessary. but find time to laugh
  • Train harder, up your game, increase you frequency, time, and Reps 
  • More stretch, include your whole body join a stretch class
  • More practice, train harder but watch those injuries 
  • More training, train with a partner it's easier with two 
  • Costume, search out ideas
  • Bag prep, prepare your competition  bag well in advance buy our competition guide for a full check list 
  • Train some more, train eat sleep repeat its only two weeks away 
  • Rehearse with costume make adjustments if necessary
  • Rest, have some time off too
  • Eat, for energy
  • Compete, the day has arrived you have given it your all - there's no way you can lose because to get this far you've won your goal already 


....... NEXT

Kay Penney

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