Sunday, 17 April 2016

FETISH - Workshops Budapest & UK - Dare to be different?

This year we are very privileged to have exclusivity in Alma's very own private role play dungeon in Budapest during the Pole Passion week long camp !!
Inclusive workshop

For those of you who visited last year, some had a sneak peek !!  This year  I will be offering an 'introduction to fetish' workshop 

Intro to Ana, the Fantasy Fetish Goddess 

In this 90 minutes workshop I like to involve fetish elements in a unique way, disguising these techniques for light hearted fun and educated intrigue

You may like to explore the art of tease with feathers and glam, through burlesque techniques or you may be wanting a sneak peek at the more mysterious and peculiar side of fetish theatre? Still a committed discipline of the art of tease but with this workshop we will be exploring the transformation of character and personality into a captivating seductress with her classic fetish clothes, she keeps on!! - no nudity

We will be exploring the 'tools of torture', however, no pain like the pole burn will be experienced!! 

We are privileged to explore Alma's very own, purpose built, girl friendly, dungeon!!

I will gently introduce you  to the, what could be known as, the bazaar underworld of role play, including the psychology, etiquette, equipment and some of the props used in this well equip, sound proofed and private room!! - Dare you to be different ?? 

Suggestions of what to wear
High heels - Shoes or boots !!   your fetish shoes
PVC corsets and outfits
Long red fingernails!!?
Seemed stockings or leggings

Props will be provided - photography will be limited 

For UK based workshops please email for future dates


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