Thursday, 29 September 2016

Pole Dancing El Fegan from Northern Ireland is set to trek 28 peaks for Alzheimers Charity

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So this fabulous lady did a fabulous job organising the most recent All Ireland's Championships 2016 in Belfast over the weekend and I was pleased to find out that not only is she passionate about supporting charities every year, as we are at Pole Passion, she has chosen a charity that is close to my heart to as I have a close family member going through the mid stages of Alzheimers and understand the destruction it can have on family members and the affected people

Life changes quickly and adapting to such rapid challenges and changes can be hard for everyone involved so this is why we want to support El

El Fegan, the All Ireland Pole Championships Organiser is about to set off around Ireland summiting Ireland's county high points, consecutively, as part of a charity challenge for Alzheimer's
It will see her take on 28 peaks, travelling 1 day at a time from county to county, peaks less than 500m will be done in a 10kg weighted vest to make it a little more challenging.
People have covered the CHPs over the space of time, a few months, year(s) but not 26 consecutive days & for most of the way, alone!
Every year El organises different charity events for different causes & this year she has chosen this organisation because she has a few friends & family that have been affected by Alzheimer's

You may contact El by emailing us on

Kay Penney - Pole Passion


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