Monday, 7 August 2017

Are You Lubricating Your RPole in the right places? - VIDEO TUTORIALS

Check out our video tutorials page on  and in particular the 'Base Maintenance' video to see how to maintain your RPole. If you have any concerns as we will gladly discuss these with you and offer solutions to keep your RPoles in top working order. Most maintenance is very simple so please ask if you are not sure.

The number one issues we find with the lack of maintenance is; lubrication of the ring in the boss and the silicone sleeve 'migrating' along the frame leg making the frame unstable in use. Both these are very easy to correct and if you need to replace the non-slip silicone sleeve on the boss we have these in stock.

We highly recommend that the silicone oil is used once every month to help to fit the pole in the base.
Please do not use other lubricants like Vaseline or a water based oil, as these dry out and become like glue sticking the pole in the boss and making it hard to remove! If you want a free sample of silicone oil just ask next time you are at the office as we have sample sachets. The correct oil can be found on our website.

Hygiene is a big part of keeping the poles safe to use and 'grippy', so to keep your pole clean, we recommend YOU WIPE IT DOWN WITH A SOFT CLOTH AND VODKA  (Tesco value or similar is fine) as this cleans, sterilizes, dries very quickly and is hypoallergenic. As your RPole is a high quality stainless steel metal, if you scratch it, it can be re polished to a better than new finish, as can the aluminum base if you wanted this mirror polished too. Just ask! Turn around can be within the same day and cost approx £30 per pole. We also offer a bespoke paint option to older powder coated poles. Prices are approx £150 to repaint and offer a graphic finish. Full price can be given once we know your exact requirements. Check the options out here: BESPOKE PAINT OPTION

Instruction manuals are now available on our website.

Please do not hesitate to reply to this email if you have any questions and we can offer an on-site maintenance option to include all your RPoles, Full details can be found on our website and the service option would be for all RPoles you own at one venue to a maximum six number. This rate is exclusive to licensees only.

Email us to become a Pole Passion Licensee

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