Monday, 7 August 2017

Starting your own pole business - Pole Passion License starting from only £65 a month

Starting your own pole studio can be a mine field, that’s why we at Pole Passion have taken out all the hard work and made it easy for you

For as little as £65 a month with no costly franchise outlays and your whole syllabus and content provided including networking opportunities, uniform, health and safety documentation, how to guides, class cover, events, apprentice schemes, helper support, discounts on pole,added commission opportunities, competitions, advertising and marketing for free – that’s less than ONE full paying student per class per month (based on 6 classes !!)

Question – ‘I have a decent idea of how to run things once they are up and running from previous experiences, but pole specific things like, start up costs, finding a suitable venue, renovating, making it my own etc. I have no experience.’

Finding a venue – check out the venue check list
Health and Safety
Risk Assessments
Fire Risk Assessment
Have a clear understanding of what you will be using the venue for
This can be from £2,000 – £20,000+ depending on your tastes?
What type of classes, will this include a variety of floor space?
Make a list of the classes you and (bought instructors) could offer
Will you be offering parties
What age will your clients be?
How many classes a day?
Are you fully qualified to teach and therefore fully insured to teach
Do you keep your training current and up to date?
Look at floorings and ceilings first
Flooring – probably the most expensive part of a venue, next to equipment
Non slip, sprung loaded? Wood, carpet or vinyl?

Will you be providing permanent mat flooring or portable mats which can be used for pole, aerial and floor based exercises (check the height of the exercise to the thickness of mats)
Yoga mats to crash mats?
Space – How big do you want your studio?
How many poles can fit?
What type of poles will you require?
Will my poles be light weight and easy to erect between lessons

Equipment – think Health and Safety
Easily removable or permanent Rpoles?
How high are the poles going to be?
Will there be other items required?
Storage space for equipment and items not currently being used?
Tables and chairs?
Mirrors or not?

Heating & ventilation -
Can you vary the temperature of your studio
Is there heating or cooling fans installed and working?

Other things to look out for at a venue
Changing area?
Toilets and shower facilities, hot and cold water?
Bag storage
Fire extinguishers?
First Aid kit? – First Aid training
Ample parking for busy classes?
Mood lighting?

Licenses -
PPL  Phonographic Performance Ltd  = PPL is the UK-based music licensing company that licenses recorded music played in public or broadcast on the radio or TV and then distributes the fees to its performer and record company members. Established in 1934, PPL now carries out this role on behalf of tens of thousands of members
PRS  Performing Right Society Limited = PRS represents songwriters, composers and music publishers, and collects royalties on their behalf whenever their music is publicly performed. This includes performances of both live and recorded music or music from TV and radio, in premises from concert halls to corner shops.
What’s the difference
PPL collects royalties on behalf of performers and record companies, while PRS for Music collects royalties on behalf of songwriters, composers, and publishers. When a business plays recorded music in public, in most instances a licence from both organisations is legally required.
Essential Insurance - Can you afford not to!!
Contents insurance
Building Insurance
Studio rental
Electricity, lighting, inside and out
 and hidden costs
Apply for planning permission from your local council (about £200)
Speak to a land lord, check the small print and what the venue can be used for,
-can modification be made – who pays for this?
-look into the structure and load limits of beams and ceilings (before you plan an application)
-does the venue have to be put back to its original state when the lease runs out (more costs?)
Sign contracts


Just join Pole Passion who can take all the stress out of owning your own business with a dedicated and experienced pole team behind you – with colleagues who are going through and have been through what you’re going through

JOIN POLE PASSION NOW – it’s easy as 1,2,3
1. Get Qualified
2. Decide to join our team – Email us on :
3. Sign up, recruit and pole


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