Saturday, 30 September 2017

MISS POLE DANCE UK 2017 - P R E S S R E L E A S E 7th October 2017


PRESS RELEASE Tickets Are available via the box office Hawth Theatre - - Put in the search Miss  Pole Dance UK

Mr Pole Fitness Champions 2016 with Judges and organiser Kay Penney

Cheryl Teegan - Miss Pole Dance UK champions 2016/2017

Miss Pole Dance UK 2016/2017

12 year old pole dancer Mimi from Thatcham, is all set to perform at the professional championships at the Hawth Theatre at the annual Miss Pole Dance UK Championships, ON Saturday 7th October 2017 from 3pm - 10pm

Mimi first had her debut when she was just 9 years old at the Miss Pole Dance UK amateur/ semi professional championships. She first got into pole to overcome her stress and worry whilst her older brother was being bullied at school

Kay Penney from Pole Passion, the event organisers says, ‘Mimi is now a National Treasure and a youth ambassador for pole clothing Wink design and pole fitness and dance across the world and they identified her talent very early on when she was just 6 when she first started to pole dance under Ruth Vass.'

Mimi will be chaperoned by her mum, Kelly James who is her biggest fan

Miss Pole Dance UK was the UK’s first, largest and most successful National Pole Dance championships, with a vision to provide a professional and safe platform for the athlete to showcase their talent

This spectacular show at the Hawth is also home and host  to two other National competitions on the same day;   Mr Pole Fitness UK, for men on the pole and Miss Pole Dance UK Synchronised Doubles Championships.

In 2018 Miss Pole Dance will be introducing its Youth category for children who love to keep fit, dance and move around the pole for fitness and fun.  Backed by the World Pole Dance federation, the organiser Kay Penney, mother of three, says, ‘Its now time to embrace the children’s category for pole sport and fitness. Many parents, who currently pole have been asking me to induce the children category for years.’  - Kay is now finalising the instructor training for the youth category for her 40+ instructor and apprentice team following her training  programme where she currently has 15 ares of license operations across the world and most recently supported Romania in setting up their national championships too and now has her training ONLINE reaching countries such as China, Japan and the USA 

Kay and her team has been innovating  pole fitness techniques and its safe equipment since 2001 with its head office in Crawley the company and events are growing exponentially. She accredited her programmes with the Register of Exercise professionals in 2008 

A breathtaking and mesmerising celebration of elite pole sport artists and performers will host the show held over seven hours with over 20 top UK competitors and World Class Champion performers including Horsham based Fi Steps dance school and Rowena who has a a BA and MA in dance practices and her current research focus revolves around the cultural position of pole dance and how it challenges themes of empowerment and objectification.  

The Three competitions will run back to back over a SEVEN hour show!
  • Miss Pole Dance UK (Females-14 competitors)  
  • Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles (males/females/mixed-(8 doubles) 
  • Mr Pole Fitness UK males (Males-6 competitors) 

On: Saturday 7th October 2017
At:  Doors open to spectators at 12noon
Competitions start: 3pm / finish 10pm

The Hawth Theatre, Crawley, West Sussex
Miss Pole Dance UK - Exhibitors, Sponsors and Vendors will be present too from all over the country

For more up to date details, Contact Kay Penney, Pole Passion Ltd
At : email - or follow Miss Pole Dance UK on facebook and Pole Passion on twitter, instagram, facebook and the website :

For further press information, please contact Kay Penney tel : 07753585054 email 

There are many hotels local to the theatre, if you would like some help making a booking please contact our customer service team. Email:

What else is going on?
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Sam King    -  Tricks and spins Masterclass 
Daniel Rosen & Rose Lisa  - Floor Routines Workshop
Cheryl Teeagan  - Balance and Floor work

Are available via the box office Hawth Theatre - - the in the search Miss  Pole Dance UK

Online Bookings
Box Office Opening hours Monday - Saturday 10 am - 8.15pm 
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For more up to date details, Contact Kay Penney, Pole Passion Ltd

At : email - or follow Miss Pole Dance UK on facebook and Pole Passion on twitter, instagram, facebook and the website :


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