Sunday, 3 September 2017

Pole World Festival, Pole dance competition of the year 2017 Miss Pole Dance UK

Pole World Festival, Pole Dance competition of the year 2017 Miss Pole Dance UK
It’s an honour for myself, Kay Penney to be asked to send in this short video as owner and founder of Miss Pole Dance UK and to be short listed and nominated here today in Bristol at the inaugural Pole World Festival
I want to say a massive thank you, on behalf of everyone who has contributed in making Miss Pole Dance UK such a huge success over the last 13 years since its launch in 2004 and in creating such a professional platform and stage for so many talented performers and competitors.

We are all so proud to have created the pole greats such as Elena Gibson, our very first Miss Pole Dance UK Winner to the more recent champion Cheryl Teegan

I want to say a very special thank you to YOU– the pole community, and for your continuing support and allowing my vision to flourish each year and by giving the prestige to the 80 plus champions we have crowned to date, both men and women.

With the continuing growth and popularity over the years seeing the innovation and launch of a doubles category – created by Miss Pole Dance pre-seeding Australia 😊
the amateurs and semi pro categories quickly followed

The male categories – Mr Pole Fitness UK was launched in 2009 and more recently this year the launch of the GROUPS category
There’s more to come and It is my honour to be speaking to you all today via video

Thank you and we hope very much to see you all in Crawley on 7th October to see who will be crowned the next Miss Pole Dance UK Championships

Good luck to all the nominees and long may all the competitions continue to flourish in our fabulous pole industry  - Living with passion !!


For more information about Miss Pole Dance UK  Please visit

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