Friday, 27 October 2017

Miss Pole Dance UK Double's Champions Cheryl Teagann & Julien Roussel 2017 - interview from Kay Penney

Interview with Cheryl, just after winning Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles championships

What does this win mean to you, Cheryl and Julien Roussel?

Kay honestly I don't know how to thank you being part of MPD for 3 yrs has been life changing xx

We are both still speechless.
To have started our pole journey together and end up performing as a duo is incredible let alone winning!
We have both grown as pole artists in the last 2.5yrs and to think i (Cheryl) didnt even know Julien 3 yrs ago!

2. What was the high point of yesterday (Miss Pole Dance UK championships 7th October 217) for you ?

Being on stage together and creating our beautiful first doubles act.

3. Who would you like to thank?

 Kirtsy Wone. She introduced me/us to pole. Personally I wouldn't be here without her. Gymbox for putting up with us taking over their studio and of course Kay Penney for the opportunity

4. Where did the inspiration for your routine come from ?

Inspiration came from a mixture of Dimitri/Puma/Alex Schukin/Kira Noire, Also a lot of acro duos outside of pole. cirque de soleli and Other professional dancers so a huge collection from the performance world

5. Who designed /made your costumes

We designed the colour scheme and PoleHog made the costumes:)

6. What's next for you both ?

We looking at international competitions and will prepare workshops including, doubles tricks, dance, acro and flexibility:)

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