Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Interview with Rachel Tolzman Miss Pole Dance UK Professional champions 2017

Miss Pole Dance UK winner Thank you, Kay Penney!! I'm still on a high from this past weekend. It was such a surreal moment! Here are my responses to the interview:

1) It feels incredible to have won MPDUK because it is such a prestigious competition and attracts so many talented and strong athletes. I've trained immensely for this moment, and I was excited to share my work on the stage and aim to perform to the best of my abilities. So, winning was a very special moment, one that I won't forget.

2) The high point of the evening was hearing my name being called as winner of MPDUK 2017! Hands down!

3) I would like to thank you, Kay and Angela, for organizing this wonderful event and providing such an amazing platform for pole dancers to showcase and celebrate our achievements. I would also like to thank all my students, friends and colleagues who wished me well and came to support. And lastly my family and wonderful husband who supports my endeavors completely and bare the burden of being at the receiving end of all the different emotions that arise during comp training! They give me strength and courage to continue following my passion and crazy dreams.

4) Most often I get my inspiration from the music I've chosen for a routine. I'm always drawn to music that has meaningful lyrics, something that could tell a story and something that has great instrumentation or a catchy beat. If the song gives me goosebumps whilst I listen to it and envision dancing to it, I know it's the right choice.

5) The incomparable Fi Bourke! The aim was to make me into a hummingbird and I think she truly nailed it. It was an honor to wear one of her creations!

Thanks again and I look forward to competing in World Pole Sport & Fitness (China 2018)- and coming back next year to MPDUK 2018!!

All the best,
Rachel xx


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