Thursday, 20 February 2020

New Aerial Hoop Instructor Training NOW available for on line learning

Pole Passion is proud to welcome you to the Aerial Hoop Instructor Training Beginner and Intermediate Level course.

Pole Passion was founded by Kay Penney in 2001 and has grown to be a global company with extensive connections and collective experience.  We have been mentoring and supporting students and instructors since 2001 and are one of the largest pole and aerial schools and training provider in the world.
We have dedicated thousands of hours to training and supporting students and instructors over 30 countries worldwide.
We are prod to have established links worldwide, enabling us to offer the first evert international masterclasses and training opportunities in the pole dance and fitness genre.

Pole Passion were the first school to own and operate national and international pole dance championships (Miss Pole Dance UK,  Mr Pole Fitness UK and World Pole Sport & Fitness.

We have developed, promoted, supported and mentored some of the most influential pole dance and pole fitness instructors and performers or our time, since 'pole fitness', was created in 2006.

Since practicing the discipline of aerial hoops and Lyra since 2014 and beginning developing our comprehensive course and syllabus since 2017, as an accredited and regulated training provider, we are now able to offer our very own Aerial Hoop Instructor Training Course.  This course has been developed through consultation with our trainers all over the world and draws on our extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of aerial fitness and aerial performance.

Thank you !

This course has been written with help and support from a number of people.
We would like to extend our thanks in particular to :
Amy White, Jess Smith,  Emily Luck,  & Arion Gadd from Pole Passion Bognor, who also helped with the photo images within this course
Holly Gibbons and the Pole Performance Studio for allowing us to use their beautiful studio for filming of the included videos.
and to Kay Penney for supporting and believing in the development of Pole Passion Bognor

Visit the website for booking lessons in our Pole Passion Bognor classes and for more Aerial Hoops instructor training information

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