Thursday, 20 February 2020

NEW Aerial Hoop instructor training, the most comprehensive course on the market to date

Pole Passion is proud to launch the most extensive beginner to intermediate, hoop, lyra, instructor online training course on the market, with over 100 moves explained with teaching instructions, regressions, progressions and safety tips

Whats included?
Detailed information about 
* Starting your own classes, 
* Health and safety, 
* Legal requirements and the all important aspects of 
* Rigging your equipment
* Risk assessments and 
* Lesson plans for all levels of students
* Useful templates
* Studio requirements

All with 24 hour online access and support with flexible in person, face to face instruction in locations around the country to suit you

To make further enquiries email us at

Benefits of POLE PASSION online training 

Pole Passion is regulated by the Register of Exercise Professionals giving you the piece of mind you are in safe, experienced and expert hands, where the tutors and assessors are high trained and upto date with industry guidelines and safety standards

* Cheaper than face to face courses as there are lower over heads by the training company
* Fit it in with your other family and professional commitments
* Easy, any where access to suit you
* Learn at your own pace
* Involve your family and friends as much as you require
* Receive support 24hours online via email and whats app calls and texting
* Bespoke the course learning to suit the way YOU learn

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