Thursday, 11 March 2010

Burlesque Passion

IT'S Fans & Fishnets ~ all in the name of fitness!!

After leading the way in pole dance and fitness techniques since 2003 within the UK, Pole Passion or ‘Burlesque Passion’ as the sector is known, is set to take the UK by storm with its new and innovative movements and techniques inspired by the burlesque dancing, fitness Pilates and yoga genre.

Burlesque Passion or Burlates as it is sometimes referred to, created by Kay Penney aka Ana Dupre, said it combined Pilates' core strength and flexibility with some sexy shimmies and hip rolls to create a glam workout fit for the gym boudoir!!

Empowerment confidence fitness & FUN

is the ethos of Burlesque Passion

It's equally as spiritual as pole fitness however with the costume additions suitable for gyms is way more sexier, as Kay wanted her students to be playful whilst finding a healthy inner and outward self-confidence.
‘My own philosophy, influenced by 20 years of conventional fitness techniques incorporating, yoga and Pilates, is that women are too hard on themselves and we need to lose that self doubt, by becoming more at one with our own body images and mental confidence’.
Confidence is sexy therefore we teach posture, deportment and breathing techniques before we approach the dance steps formulating choreographed routines whereby some students may wish to progress and perform publically if they so choose.

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