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Pole Dancing in the UK - Pole Passion

Explore the different ways of learning pole techniques

Group pole fitness and dance classes are one of the most popular ways to learn and they are popping up all around the world. The length of the lesson may vary between one and two hours but be mindful of the content and how many poles and students in the group. The cost maybe respective of content and students attending. The REP’s (register of exercise professionals) accredited instructor training courses recommend no more than 4 participants to one pole equipment at beginner/intermediate level and at advanced level no more than 2 per pole equipment in group sessions. If you choose this route, be sure to check the instructors qualifications, fitness, dance or otherwise and pole teaching experience before you enrol. Make sure the instructor has extensive TRAINING experience AND qualifications, as injuries are more likely to happen with a non qualified instructor who has limited teaching experience! Group sessions are more sociable and you may learn more in smaller group scenarios rather than a 1-2-1.

Private 1-2-1 pole lessons can be a great option for some ladies. If you are more shy or uncomfortable in groups for example, a private lesson or two might just be the perfect solution for you to boost your self confidence and self esteem first before embarking on a group session with strangers. You can find studios and individual instructors who are willing to instruct privately, however the down side is that they will be considerably more expensive. Expect to cover more in the lesson therefore making the lesson more intense, which could be a negative or positive. Private sessions are great as they can be bespoke to you personally

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Master Classes & workshops Usually a highly experienced performer and or instructor is available to inspire and pass on their unique style and techniques. These sessions are great at all levels of learning, but do check at what level the session is geared at – you do not want to leave the session demotivated as it may be too difficult for your specific level. These are usually group sessions of instruction usually over a day or many continual hours and can be very intensive. These sessions are great if you are unable to attend regular weekly sessions or you have to travel a distance to receive instruction.

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Pole dance & fitness DVDs are another way to learn. These may compliment your group or individual sessions at home (assuming you have a pole at home of course) or can be used as your main method of learning. You of course do not receive personal motivation specific to your individual needs but great as you can rewind and view over and over again
Pole dancing books, manuals and magazines these at the moment are far and few between. We recommend Pole2Pole Magazine and Pole Dance International Magazine. They are a great resource of information written by people who have first hand experience with teaching and learning pole techniques.

Online pole dancing lessons is another way to learn and can be found on various websites. YouTube videos are also another method of watching moves and tricks however please be aware this may have a negative effect on your learning you may well be learning potential bad habits which over time may cause serious injury! There are however many good instructional clips and the routines of competitions are great inspirations.
Visiting & entering competitions not only a great place to network but also watching the best of the best focusing on routines and the dance of course. Perhaps inspiring others who have not yet embarked on a pole lesson. These professionals make it look effortless and certainly you will leave inspired and in awe of this beautiful art.

Accredited Pole Instructor training Qualifications and certifications are now available in the UK – be aware that you look for ones that have been independently approved by fitness associations, ones that hold a code of pole practice too.

Let us help you discover the power of the pole!

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