Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Russia meets UK in Jamaica for Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor Training

Russia Gains It’s First Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor

Elena Shishkova successfully completed her 3 day comprehensive instructor training course, On Thursday 4th March 2010

‘Pole Fitness history was in the making today – We are proud to announce that Elena Shishkova from Russia is the first ever Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor in her country, having successfully completed her comprehensive three day International Pole Instructor course & assessments – Our congratulations go out to her,’ comments Kay Penney, owner of Pole Passion Ltd, UK course developer and instructor.

Whilst Elena is an experienced and competent instructor and a talented athlete already in her country, specialising in regular Master classes, group and 1-2-1 instruction she signed up on to the course to gain credibility and independently, approved fitness accreditation which is not yet available in her country. Due to visa restrictions unfortunately Elena was denied entry into to UK earlier this year for the popular courses already attended by other UK national and international fitness students. Therefore Kay made provisions for international students to attend in their recent pole week in Jamaica where master classes, pole and fitness lessons accompanied the course and offered all week.

Elena is currently representing Russia in The World Pole Sport & Fitness, Pole Dance championships in 2009 & 2010 on October 2010 in Zurich. www.worldpoledance.com

Elena has also plans to support the worlds first, free standing, pole fitness product called the R-pole to support her lessons and master classes www.r-polefitness.com