Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nick Beyeler ~ World Gymnastic Aerobics Champion Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland

We were proud to meet Nick Beyeler as he presented a unique pole act at the recent Miss Pole Fitness championships in Switzerland demonstrating extreme strength, grace, flexibility and that pole dancing was certainly not just made for women!

The audience were blown away by his athletic and world class performance after the Miss Pole Fitness Championships on May 29th 2010 held at the Radisson Blu Zurich to include super advanced flexibility moves such as the spatchcock, hyper extending the splits and beyond!!

World Gymnastic Aerobics Champion, Aerialist and International Men's Health Magazine Cover boy. Nick has also provided the action for the World’s highest building, 101Tower in Taipei, and was showcasing his versatility at the Olympic Games ‘08 Opening Ceremony in Beijing. 2002 Sports Aerobics World Champion,8 times Swiss National Aerobics Champion, 1st FISSAF World Championships 2002, Montpellier, France

Let hope he enters the Mr Pole fitness Championships as a new face in the world of pole - hosted by Pole Passion on 31st August 2010 Email all enquiries to theteam@polepassion.com

Nick has been practicing the pole techniques for only 2 months!! (May 2010)


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JasonParlour said...

Sounds great. I look forward to hearing how he gets on, and seeing some of his work in action!