Friday, 4 June 2010

Alesia Vazmitsel on Britain's Got Talent

Alesia Vazmitsel on Britain’s Got Talent - Friday 4th June 2010

Alesia Vazmitsel Miss Pole Dance UK 2008/09 Professional category champion – 16th October 2008

We have had the pleasure of working along side Alesia for many years since she first emerged onto the main stage entering and winning Miss Pole Dance UK competition. We are extremely proud of her achievements and contribution to the pole world since her win.

She has hosted numerous master classes both on the pole and off with her amazing talents and flexibility and proud of her achievement in 2009 in coming third in the World Pole Dance championships

We believe that Alesia will show case the true beauty and art form of Pole techniques to its maximum, demonstrating the amazing strength and courage required for a 6 meter pole!!

"Alesia started ballet dancing at the age of four. From age 11 Alesia trained at a circus school and then worked in the National Circus of Belarus as a gymnast and dancer. Alesia has been pole dancing since 1997, she is a mesmerising performer and is very inspiring to watch........Her hobbies include various sports and travelling, she also holds a Bsc in Business Administration."

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