Monday, 21 June 2010

R-Pole 'One Trick Wonder' Competition

Pole Passion Presents a brand new style pole competition, already leading the field in pole competitions Pole Passion is supporting R-pole, the worlds first, light weight, free standing, portable pole, specifically designed for the gym environment, has created a FUN style competition open to all

R- Pole ‘One Trick Wonder’ Competition
10th & 11th July 2010 at Taylor Retreat organised by Pole2Pole Magazine

Pole Passion will be hosting a fun R-Pole ‘One Trick Wonder’ competition on both days.

Think of a handstand competition you used to do with your friends? Then think again of holding a move off the floor, on the pole - competition.


1) Hold a move on the R-pole for as long as you can without contact with the mat or boss

2) The winner is the person who can hold their one move the longest

3) The move must be started by holding the pole

4) The time starts when all the body if off the floor

5) The pole can not be clasped by the inner thigh, forearms or calf area which will help grip the pole
6) You may have 3 attempts of your move & the best time will be logged

7) The move must be static (pole hold) and the body MUST not move a full rotation around the pole, however, slight movement will be allowed
8) Please remove all high heeled shoes

9) Anyone can enter - Anyone can win - Open to females & males of all ages.

10) Contestants with moves over 5 minutes long will be placed in 'a pole off' if necessary.
There will be a singles category & a doubles each day!!

As this is a fun competition, on the day of the event you decide whether you want to ‘jump up’ and have a go! No pre auditioning no pre registering!!!

For more information contact Pole Passion on email :

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