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Finalists & results ~ World Pole Dance 2010 presented by Pole Passion

World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships
Running order Saturday 2nd October 2010

1.Anzhela Kulagina - Russia
2.Alethia Austin - USA
3.Rafaela Montanaro - Brazil
4.Jenyne butterfly - USA
5.Zoroya Judd - USA
6.Crystal Lai - Canada
7.Alesia Vazmitel - UK
8.Laurence Hilsum - France
9.Karen Chaundy - UK
10 Maria Escalante - Argentina
11 Allegra King - Australia
12 Felix - Australia
13 Anastasia Skukhtorova - Russia

Special Awards

Best Tricks award – Rafaela Montanaro Brazil
Best Entertainer award – Crystal Lai Canada
Best Costume award – Alesia Vazmitsel United Kingdom

Please note: The organisation reserves the right to change contestants at short notice in the case of absentees

Finals Judge’s Name Country

1 Kay Penney – head judge United Kingdom
2 Daniela Baumann - Switzerland
3 Alma Pirner - Hungary
4 Reiko Suemune - Japan
5 Fawnia Dietrich - USA
6 Deb Riley - tricks syntax coordinator United Kingdom
7 Donna Gant - tricks syntax coordinator assistant United Kingdom


1. Felix Australia 2010 & 2009 winner
Felix Cane, the winner of 2010 World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion held on 2nd October in Zurich Switzerland representing Australia
She also hosted 3 Master Classes instructor sessions during the weekend offering her unique style of teaching to all pole enthusiasts and international instructors attending from 24 countries.

Felix has trained as a dancer from a young age and went on to performing in professional classical & contemporary dance companies.
Felix started pole dancing in 2006 in Perth WA, and after just 8 months worth of lessons she went on to win Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 and then won it again in 2008.
Felix Cane is currently the World Pole Dance Champion as she won it in 2009 with her amazing talent, performance and flexibility on the pole.
Felix defiantly has that X-Factor on the pole, as from winning World Pole Dance 2009 this then led to Cirque du Soleil ringing her up asking her if she wanted to be part of Zummanity, as they had seen impressive footage of her from YouTube footage from World Pole Dance held in Jamaica.

Zummanity is cabaret sexy show held in Las Vegas by Cirque Du Soleil and a special character part was created for Felix to be a woman who breaks out of her shell to grab her lover’s attention by showing off her amazing, sexy, impressive moves around a pole, making her lover see her again for the very first time.
Since Felix’s successful she has done many Master Class Workshops over the world and is part and the sponsor for Pocket Pole and a Master Pole Dance Instructor in America!

Felix’s following Winning Titles:

• World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships - World Pole Dance 2010 & 2009
• Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008
• Australia National Final 2008 – Pole Dance Champion
• Australia WA Final 2008 – Entertainer of the Year & Hottest Body
• STAR Awards – Best Female Performer 2007
• Miss Hustler Centrefold Oceania 2007 – 1st Place
• Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006

Before discovering her passion for pole dancing, Felix was schooled extensively as a dancer firstly in Perth, from the age of 11 until the age of 15, when she moved to London where she continued to study many forms of dance, but predominantly contemporary and classical.
Felix has experience performing with professional contemporary and classical dance companies, working in many different venues including theatres in and around London. Whilst in London she also worked in television and film.

2nd place

Maria Escalante - Argentina Group B

Luz Escalante, has born in Rosario, Argentina South America, on May 13, 1980. At age 5 she began studying ballet at the municipal school of dance, an activity that accompanied them the rest of her life, reaching its peak in 1997 when he enters the Stable Ballet off Rosario´s City which is part of two years. Here plays various key roles in many of the most important works of the classical repertoire, like Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, Corsair, Carmen, Paquita, La Fille Mal Gardée, among others.

During her childhood, in parallel, and within 5 years, joins the world of gymnastics and acrobatics, which would give much physical domain overhead pole positions.

At 23 years old, became a fitness instructor, an activity that continues to make to the present, specializing in spinning, stretching, cardio strip dance, gymnastics located, reggaeton and Latin rhythms.

In May 2007, she met the pole dance, begins to train intensively and begins to teach entry-level instructor in the first study of Pole Dance Argentina.
A year later he earned the title of "Best Pole Dancer" as a champion of Pole Dance Championship Argentina 2008, which takes it to participate as special guest of Ame du Pole in Belfast, North Ireland in February 2009.

In October 2009, regains first place in Miss Pole Dance Argentina for the second consecutive year and the first runner up Miss Pole Dance South América 2009. These awards qualify for the next part of Miss Pole Dance World to be held in Zurich, Switzerland in October 2010.

3rd place

Rafaela Montanaro - Brazil Group C

Rafaela Montanaro - Brazil

My sports career started before I was born: My mom and dad were both athletes and graduated on Physical Education College. I had no choice, before I knew I was inside the gym!
I started gymnastics by the age of 3. When I was 7 I had already an individual and team national titles. But that really wasn’t for me, and I quit when I was 12.
Then I studied Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. By the time I was 16 I started circus classes, and the next year, when I was 17 I was accepted in the “école nationale des arts du cirque” in Paris, where I studied for 1 and half year.
After coming back to Brazil I got in college to study Physical Education in 2005, and graduated in 2008. By the end of college I saw a video of Felix Cane on Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006, and fell in love with it! This was all I needed in one thing: sport, art, dance, acrobatics, and expression! And of course, so sexy! I wanted to learn but it was very hard to find a teacher around here. I only found a (decent) teacher in May 2009, her name is Sarita Papalardo.
Due to My sports/dance historic I developed very fast my pole skills. By September 2009 I won the Miss Pole Dance Brazil, and by October the Miss Pole Dance South America. Now After 1 and a half year of pole I’ll be sharing the stage with the girl who inspired me! It’ amazing for me!

for more information please visit www.worldpoledance.com and www.polepassion.com

email: theteam@polepassion.com Tel: 0871 318 3838


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