Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Felix Cane new World Pole Dance Champion 2010

The first weekend of October saw the event that the whole pole dance and fitness professionals all over the world had been waiting for:- The World Pole Sport Fitness (Official World Pole Dance Championships 2010). Presented by Pole Passion and Loft1 fitness, the Championships – dubbed “the World Cup of Pole Dance Fitness”- took place at the exquisite Radisson Blu Hotel in picturesque Zurich, Switzerland.

The finals competition saw 13 competitors from every corner of the globe compete for a chance to hold the coveted title for the coming year. Top seeds Felix Cane (of Cirque du Soleil), Aleisa Vazmitzel (of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent) and Jenyne Butterfly automatically went through to the finals, with the remaining ten places up for grabs during the group stages (a mixture of seeded and wildcard entries).

Contestants were judged on their presentation, dance and fitness and pole tricks ability during the competition. Routine quality was unbelievably high from all contestants with super human strength, death defying stunts, impossible spins and seamless transitions demonstrated by all.

First Runner up Rafaela Montanaro (Brazil) wowed audience and judges alike with her stellar demonstrations of superhuman strength and poise, Second Place winner Maria Escalante (Argentina) worked traditional Argentine tango together with seamless pole tricks and Winner Felix Cane (Australia) performed a high octane routine flawlessly with her trademark flexibility and smooth combinations.

Organiser Kay Penney had this to say about the event “I am so proud that all the competitors have exhibited such a high professional standard of dance performance, fitness, strength and decorum during the competition. The World Pole Dance Champion must be both an athlete and an ambassador for the pole industry and I believe that in Felix Cane, we have found that Champion”.

For more information on Felix Cane the champion and Pole Passion, event organiser please email

Next year has been set for Hungary Budapest with Alma Pinear, who founded pole fitness in Hungary, supporting the organisation

email : theteam@polepasion.com
web: www.worldpoledance.com

tel: 0871 318 3838

Kay Penney Managing Director Pole Passion & World Pole Dance

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