Thursday, 17 November 2011

Burlesque Instructor training ~ Burlesque Passion November 2011

November 2011 REP’s Accredited Burlesque instructor training for Fitness & Performance
a small selection of videos from the training course ~ Enjoy darlings xx

Gabriela Von Schmitte -

Travelling all the way from Germany to successfully complete her Burlesque for fitness and dance performance.
Seen here is Martina’s own choreography from the hundreds of moves she has learnt from the two and a half days, already a Pole dance Instructor she is keen now to combine her new moves on and around the pole (as her prop) .

Lady Iza Vamp -

This is Lara’s first performance and first time at choreographing her routine from just two days of learning the burlesque techniques. Lara also made her own bustle and is now keen to do her performance for a live audience
This incredible lady who has no formal dance or fitness training or background in just two and a half days created her own routine shown here from the knowledge and experience of Ana Dupre (AKA) Kay Penney Burlesque Passion Instructor training - REP's Accredited burlesque for fitness, Lara is keen to go on and hold burlesque fitness classes to help enhance and promote confidence and build self esteem in women, taking it into the mind spirit and body industry

Georgette Devine -
Claire who has a formal dance back ground teaching Dance who is already qualified in ANATD AADA Ballet Tap and modern dance and British Cheerleading Association Level 3, still found the course challenging and yet very rewarding learning the techniques and sexy art of the Burlesque Dance and for fitness and is keen to be introducing these techniques to her dance students soon
Impromptu small interview video, from three of the November group training to become instructors in Burlesque for fitness and performance

Visit the website for booking and more information – this is the next fitness dance craze to hit the gyms

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