Friday, 4 November 2011

Pole Dancing in the mountains! R-pole the most portable free standing pole in the world

Kat 'PoleKitty' Humphrey climbed Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK with the new Portable Fitness Pole by RPole ( in her backpack!

Kat is an adrenaline junky and also a lecturer at Nottingham University!!

She is the first known person to pole dance on a mountain (certainly Ben Nevis)! She did it to raise money for three cancer charities
– Breast Cancer Care,
- Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust,
- and Ovarian Cancer Action.

Last year Kat completed the Tough Guy Challenge, known as the world’s toughest assault course, involving ice lake swims, mud slides, barbed-wire crawls, under-water tunnels, electric fences and fields of fire!
In November 2011 Kat is cycling 400km across Kenya in 5 days and pole dancing in the Kenyan desert again using the portable RPole!

Kat is trying to raise £2,800 for the three cancer charities she supports
Please contact us at Pole Passion if you would like to support Kat in her quest to support cancer charities

Kat recently is involved in pole sport innovation linked with the REP's accredited instructor training delivered by international training providers Pole Passion

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