Monday, 13 August 2012

History of UK Pole Sport and Exercise

The history of UK pole sport and exercise extends  back only from early 21st century In 2001 Pole Passion pioneered the way creating exercise programmes on and around the vertical bar,  by its founder Kay Penney Accredited by government backing and the FIA Fitness Industry Association in 2008 was a huge leap forward for the mainly female dominated sport - it was always going to be a push for society and authorities to accept it but we did it and it is now here to stay

Then there were only 50mm grip diameter poles semi-permanent one length poles now we see the introduction of 38mm introduced by RPole into the UK in 2009
Later followed by 45mm and now 42mm which is becoming hugely more popular

Now with pole exercise flourishing worldwide we can identify that social change and acceptance has been a minor part of its popularity and development - this we believe has been hugely supported by the Miss Pole Dance  UK and World Pole  Dance championships - created in 2004

A platform to educate society allowing a public stage for performers promoting the acrobatic talents for the first time for all the public to attend
In the early days the sport was always considered an over 18,s game however with again its popularity and accredited instructor training programmes and. Format it is now being introduced for children too

Pole Passion still only encourage over 16,s as social change continues to develop over the years but who knows in the next 10 years these mini athletes will be ambassadors for our sport we are sure

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