Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Pole Dancing Olympic style with Miss Pole Dance UK 2012

Pole Athletes gathered Olympic style at the recent Miss Pole Dance UK Awards on July 22nd at Taylors Pole Retreat in Dorking where the annual MPD UK amateur and semi pro championships were held all day

The competitions hosted by industry leaders Pole Passion are judged on many technicalities which include performance, artistic interpretation, flexibility, strength, choreography, power and fluidity. And the main aim other than providing a professional platform for the many competitors to show case their art  and skill to their family, friends and other pole enthusiast who travelled from all over the country to watch; is also about education – moving it from its  origins of gentleman’s clubs to the relatively new and challenging sport now worthy of the Olympics

Miss Pole Dance UK, created by Kay Penney in  2004, is proud to be instrumental in changing people’s perceptions is now in its 7th year, growing from strength to strength, promoting the ambitious and very talented athletes on and around the vertical bar, attracting  now international acrobats and gymnasts.
Kay who organised and compared the three competitions  and its full day of events including Master classes from; Miss Pole Dance professional champion 2012 Sarah Scott and Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion 2012 Nico Modestine, performances from the World Pole Sport & Fitness champion 2011 Evegeny Greshilov from Russia, Kat and Tiff Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles Trick champions – congratulated all the competitors on the day along with their sponsors, judges and all that attended; which was supported by over 4 00 guests including top pole athletes; Keem Martinez, French national professional champion and Anastasia Skukhtorova Russia Pole Dance champion, Deb Riley UK champion.

‘We were absolutely thrilled to have an Olympic competitor attend and see what pole is all about at the amateur and semi pro-competitive levels'

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